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Addition of Designated Partner

Every Limited Liability Partnership firm is required to have certain numbers of Designated Partners in the LL to constitute the Board as per the provisions of Companies Act, 2013. The criteria for numbers of Designated Partners is differ for every type which is also prescribed in law. A Limited Liability Partnership shall be consist at least 2 number of Designated Partners. A person who is not disqualified in terms of provisions specified in the act and competent in the eye of law can be the Designated Partners of the LLP. If you wish to increase DP in your LLP, may easily add by complying simple and easy procedure as prescribed in law.

. WHY Addition of Designated Partner .

Advancement of Experience

By adding new partner to the LLP may helpful in various terms. The new adding partner will share his expertise for growth of your business.

New Thought

As it seems earlier in various companies where some new person joins the Board which turned in to result of success of Limited Liability Partnership Firm.


However if some person wants to make investment in your Limited Liability Partnership firm, may hold partnership along with the share contribution.

Network Building

The new partner comes not only with his experience and money in Limited Liability Partnership but he also brings his networking in market.

New Prospective

It brings a new prospective when a new member joins the Limited Liability Partnership firm. which helps to create better environment in firm.

Inability of the existing Partner

The existing partner of the LLP may not be able to contribute his full time after a certain period, whether due to retirement or other reasons.


For Designated Partner not having DPIN
  • Copy of Adhaar Card
  • Copy of PAN Card
  • Copy of Residential Proof
  • Photo, email address and contact no.
For Designated Partner having DPIN
  • Copy of Adhaar Card
  • Copy of PAN Card
  • Copy of Residential Proof
  • DPIN of Partner
  • Firstly apply for DSC, if not having DSC
  • Issuance of DPIN of Partner
  • Preparation of notice of meeting for appointment of Partner
  • Alter LLP agreement in respect of addition of new partner
  • Submit updated LLP agreement with requisite fees
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    . Frequently Asked Questions .


    Yes, a Director of company hold designated partnership in a LLP also.


    If you are already director or DP in any company or LLP, then your existing DIN or DPIN shall be consider. In case of non position of DIN or DPIN, new one shall be issue by MCA.