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Change in Company name

The name of a company or LLP can be changed by the directors at anytime after incorporation. The reason could be for change of company name, business model change, change of promoters, re-branding, changing in trend etc. Change of company name requires passing of a board resolution, obtaining name approval from MCA, passing of a special resolution and applying for approval of new company name to the MCA. If the MCA accepts the application, a new certificate of incorporation is issued. After obtaining the new certificate of incorporation, changes must be made to incorporate and change the MOA and AOA of the company as well.

. WHY Change in Company name .

Separate Legal Entity

A Private Limited Company is a Legal Entity separate from its directors or shareholder having right to own or sell any kind of property or rights.

Change in Business Objective

If you change in companies business activity then it is advisable to change the companies name which can represent your companies business objective.


Change of companies name could be prove good as per marketing strategy, which helps in enhancement of companies brand value.


For change in companies name
  • Signed copy of Board Resolution provided by us
  • Signed copy of Notice along with Explanatory Statements provided by us
  • Signed copy of Special Resolution provided by us
  • Signed copy of Minutes of General Meeting provided by us
  • Altered MOA provided by us
  • Altered AOA provided by us
  • Check availability of Companies name on MCA
  • Reserve the name by applying RUN
  • Pass the Board Resolution of Directors
  • Hold the meeting of shareholder and pass the resolution
  • Get the Approval letter from MCA
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    . Frequently Asked Questions .


    Yes, firstly we have to reserve the name of company by applying RUN.


    Yes, name of Company appears on MOA and AOA, after change in name MOA and AOA need to be altered by substituting the new name.