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Change in name of LLP

A Limited Liability Partnership may change its name due to a business reason, personal reasons or based on the directions of the Central Government.Agreement of the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is its charter, similar to Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of a company. In the agreement, nature of business activities, rights, duties, and obligations of partners are mentioned.

. WHY Change in name of LLP .

Brand Creation

New identity creates new paths to make it brand in market

Following the trend

If you want to follow the trend in market inrespect of business name.

Exploring new market

Helps in exploring new markets in India as well as abroad.

Differ from other Brand

it makes your brand unique as compare to other brand in market.

Creation of Goodwill

Enhance value of your Intellectual properties in the market.

Trying to touch the emotion

For marketing strategy it is good to name your organisation, which can connect to consumers.


For Business Name Change
  • Initial LLP agreement.
  • Consent letter of the Partners to apply for new name.
  • Notice of change of name.
  • Signed copy of Resolution for name change.
  • Supplementary agreement.
  • At first entity have to reserve new name
  • Then have to take approval from the existing partners of LLP
  • Issue of Notice of meeting
  • Draft supplement LLP Agreement containing new name
  • Submission of altered LLP Agreement along with application
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