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FSSAI Registration License in India

There are more than crors of food businesses operating in India. But how many of them are registered and licensed. How many of them apply for food licenses online? Here is why FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is a legal establishment under the Ministry of Health & Family welfare & Government of India.

FSSAI has the authority to issue a license to all the Food business operators (FBOs) in India. The FSSAI License Registration/ FSSAI License Registration is mandatory to obtain just to have control and check over the food material distributed to consume is healthy, safe and hygienic. The application can be made only with easy follow of steps.

LegalPillers are providing you the license for all levels Basic FSSAI license registration, state food licence registration or central food licence registration. We are providing various kind of services and solutions such as Online Company Registration, ITR Filing, income tax consultants, Drug Control License, Project Report, CMA Report or CA near me services, etc.

If you have not made registration to get a license it's now the time to do so.

Whether you are small business operators, Start-ups or food chains get the license today itself. Otherwise, you have to meet the high penalties and/or imprisonment for running a business without a license. Moreover, after receiving the license you get renewed after the period you have made is going to get over in 3 months before the expiration of the license. So, apply today for FSSAI Registration Online for expert and legal guidance.

What is FSSAI?

FSSAI's full form is the "Food Safety and Standards Authority of India". It is the food regulatory body in India that inspects and controls the food quality. It is the authority from where you can get FSSAI registration online. It is also liable for FSSAI license renewal online in India. Starting from the manufacturing of food to its distribution by the Food business operators all are made under the regulation of FSSAI.

It is popularly known as the "Food Authority of India" that complies with all the rules & regulations stated in the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. Plus, they are governed under the Government of India & Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The major work of FSSAI is to allot FSSAI Licenses to all the food businesses in India according to their yearly turnovers.

FSSAI Registration & License

FSSAI registration is mandatory to obtain for all the food business operators in India. It's a certificate by the authority to run a business in the country. All the manufacturers, traders, restaurants, grocery shops, importers and exporters, etc are applicable for getting the FSSAI Licence. FSSAI registration assures that food products undergo particular quality checks, thereby describing the cases of adulteration, substandard products. When you make a registration thereafter, a license or registration will be received with a 14-digit License number. That can be used for printing on the food products & packages you will be going to sell in the market along with the FSSAI Logo after FSSAI Food License Registration Online.

The latest update is all the Food businesses that are operating online or offering online delivery are also eligible to get FSSAI Registration or License. The FOOD AGGREGATORS APPs are also asked all the restaurants to tie-up on one condition if they have FSSAI License or Registration. Without FSSAI registration online all the online delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, etc. are not allowed to sell food.

Who all can apply for FSSAI Online Registration?

  • FBO having an annual turnover upto Rs.12 lakh.
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Meat processing Units and Slaughtering Units
  • Proprietary Foods
  • Food Processing Units including of corresponding retailers and repackers
  • Vegetable Oil Processing Units as well as Production Units
  • Dairy Units inclusive of Milk Chilling units
  • Food business operator having annual turnover between Rs.12 Lakh − Rs. 20 crores.
  • 5 Star Hotels and above
  • All Food Businesses involving retailers, distributors, suppliers, and caterers specify for state license can apply for a central license if their operations are on a big scale.
  • Restaurants / Food processing and handling chains with multiple branches across various states have to obtain the Central FSSAI license for the main branch/head office.
  • Catering Business
  • Food products at seaports, airports and railway station
  • 100 % export-oriented food processing/production units
  • Food processing units, re-labelers, and repackers who are processing more than 2 Metric Tonnes per day excluding grains, cereals, and pulse milling units
  • Food business operators having annual turnover more than RS. 20 crore.
  • Refrigerated storages having a capacity of 10,000 Metric Tonnes or high
  • Wholesalers with their annual turnovers amounting to Rs. 30 Crores or more
  • Food Catering services located at airports as well as the seaport
  • keeping this in mind that department has made FSSAI food License registration mandatory for all FBOs.

There are various stages of inspections that have been taken care of while submitting the FSSAI License Application for final approval. The food Inspections are done by the designated officer and with his approval, the application is forwarded. If he/she issues Improvement notice you have to adhere to the instructions.

What is Included in the package of FSSAI Apply Online?

It's obvious when planning to commence a business or company of Food Business. We often gather the points of benefits; we will receive after its registration. Private company registration will offer different benefits if FSSAI Apply Online like:

  • Eligibility Consultation
  • Document Preparation
  • Application Drafting
  • Application Filing
  • Government Fees
  • Timely Renewal updates

Types of FSSAI License & Registration

The FSSAI department has different categorizations for food business in India based on size, production and annual turnover of the business. There are 3 types of FSSAI registration form or FSSAI License Form for all the food business operators:

No Basis Central Licence State Licence Basis Registration
1 Annual Turnover More than Rs.20 Crore Between Rs.12 Lakh - Rs.20 Crore Up to 12 Lakh
2 Who can apply The large-sized business like Dominos Including imports and exports Medium-sized business Small-sized Business & startups like petty business operators.
3 Important Documents Form B Form B Form A
4 Validity period 1-5 years 1-5 years 1-5 years
5 Other Condition Having a business in more than 1 state Food Business within the state Having food Business within the state

FSSAI License Number

FSSAI license/ FSSAI registration online number is a 14-digit license number that is issued to all food business operators despite their size and scale of operation. This is provided after the success of FSSAI registration/ Food license Registration and the license is provided along with this number. You can apply for this Food License Number with the FSSAI Logo on your food products but in case of registered food business operators only. There are, however, many kinds of FSSAI registration forms based on the scale of operation. The 14-digits of the FSSAI license number have been primarily divided into 5 sections and every section tells the officials some information about the food business operator which separates it from the others. Here are the 5 different sections of the FSSAI License number.

FSSAI Licence Number format

Based on the FSSAI registration categorization there is little difference in the licensing;

  • TFirst Digit - Information about the registration status of the food business whether registered or not.
  • Digits 2 and 3 - State code where food business is operating
  • Digits 4 and 5 - Year of manufacture of the appropriate food product.
  • Digits 6, 7, 8 - Quantity of enrolling master
  • Digits 9-14 - Permit Number of the maker

Documents Required for Basic, State & Central FSSAI License

Based on the FSSAI registration categorization there is little difference in the licensing for which you are going to FSSAI Apply Online;

Basic FSSAI registration

  • Declaration form
  • Authority letter
  • 2 photograph of the applicant
  • Copy of the property paper (if owned)
  • License or plan of the food safety management system
  • Electricity bill or water bill of business place
  • Identification proof of proprietor or partners or directors like Aadhar Card, or Voter ID card.

State FSSAI License

  • Form-B
  • List of Directors: Address & ID Proof
  • Authority Letter
  • List of food category
  • The analysis report of water use as an ingredient
  • Proof of possession of premises i.e. Sale deed, Rent agreement or Electricity bill, etc.
  • Partnership Deed
  • Declaration and Undertaking by Food Business Operator
  • FSMS Plan & certificate
  • Source of milk or procurement plan for milk including the location of milk collection centers, if applicable
  • Sources of raw material for meat & meat processing plants.
  • Pesticide residues report of water, if applicable
  • Recall plan
  • Form IX
  • Declaration Form

Central FSSAI License

  • Form-B
  • List of Directors/ Partners/ Proprietor with address, contact details, and photo ID
  • Name and list of equipment and machinery used with the number and installed capacity
  • List of food category
  • Authority letter
  • The analysis report of water use as an ingredient
  • Source of raw material for milk, meat, etc
  • Recall plan wherever applicable
  • Ministry of Commerce Certificate for 100% EOU, if applicable
  • NOC/PA document issued by FSSAI
  • IE code document issued by DGFT, if applicable
  • Form IX
  • Proof of possession of premises
  • Partnership deed/ affidavit of proprietorship, if applicable
  • Food safety management system plan or certificate
  • Declaration Form

Note: There are certain documents which are required for the manufacturing if FSSAI Apply Online :

  • Form-B
  • Blueprint / Layout plant of all manufacturing and processing units
  • Planning of processing units showing area allocation by size and operation
  • Analytical report on water used in health lab foods certified for portability
  • List of equipment & machinery withers capacity and horsepower used.
  • Category of food to be manufactured.

FSSAI Registration Process

There are 5 Simple steps of Fssai online registration,

Step 1: Complete & Fill Form

In these steps you are being provided with FSSAI registration Form A or FSSAI registration Form B depending on the type of FSSAI registration online, you pick which is Basic, State or Central License. FSSAI registration form A is for Basic & FSSAI registration Form B is for both Central & State FSSAI License.

Step 2: Compile all the Documents

There certain documents that are compulsory to attach with your FSSAI registration form like ID & Address Proof. All the documents recollected from you by the Expert through E-mail once proceed for FSSAI Food License Registration Online.

Step 3: Submission of all documents

After the documents are collected they're further sent for the approval and between the approval, the inspection will be made by the Designated officer appointed by FSSAI department.

Step 4: Approval of FSSAI Application

When the Designated appointed by the FSSAI departments comes he has a checklist that a food business must pass. If he/she is satisfied he will forward the approval to the FSSAI department. In case, he is not happy he will issue an improvement notice. The confirmation will be made in less than 15 days.

Step 5: Issue of FSSAI License

After The FSSAI department approves your application the FSSAI License along with a 14-digit FSSAI License number will be issued to you.

The validity of the FSSAI License

The FSSAi License is accessible from 1-5 years after that you have to apply for Fssai renewal. It all the food business registration period for example, if you made basic registration of 2 years after that you have to apply for renewal. When the date of license expiration, 30 days prior apply for renewal. to avoid penalties and the chance of license gets canceled.

FSSAI license renewal online

FSSAI sets food businesses under the guidelines noted in FSSAI Act, 2006. If you own a food business or are working in the food business you need to have an FSSAI license. Most of the applicants don't know that FSSAI license renewal online is significant as that of getting the FSSAI License. An FSSAI license renewal online requires in its validity period itself. Any operator of the food business who is registered under FSSAI has to file for FSSAI along with its FSSAI license renewal online every 1-5 years. With expert support get an FSSAI license in the quickest possible way in only 4 easy steps-

  • Direction on selecting the food license types
  • Proof of your FSSAI registration documents
  • Listing your online FSSAI renewal application
  • Grant the renewed FSSAI food license


All businesses involved in ventures related to food, have to comply with the rules, as entered and updated from time to time, by the FSSAI. These are legal obligations that an FBO must match. The Food Authority sends random inspections and tests the food articles or the process. During the investigation, the Food Safety Official (FSO) or the bureau is allowed to inspect the business premises, safety, and quality of the process or the food item. Or even the level of hygiene support. He/she can suppress the working conditions along with the process of supervising food by the operators, associates, and organization. A level of compliance for the FBO is defined, using a checklist, based upon the outlines of the FSSAI registration process.

  • Compliance (C),
  • Partial compliance (PC),
  • Non-compliance (NC), or,
  • Not applicable/Not observed (NA).

Hence, a Notice from FSSAI department for Improvement may be assigned to FBO or the inspection bureau. It describes the detailed information and steps need to be taken for impoprvement. And time duration is also specified for such modifications to be finished by. If the FBO fails to include these adjustments, within the appointed time, a Show Cause Notice is given. This Show Cause Notice gives a date of hearing. On which, the FBO has to justify why it could not make the improvements or changes. Documentary proof must be presented with the claim.

If the proof gets rejected, or the FBO fails to respond to the Notice, by the hearing date, its food licence online application will get cancelled. If the FBO has grounds to believe that the Notice of Improvement is biased or wrong, the FBO can discuss it and address the Food Safety Appellate Tribunal or the High Court to file the following appeal. The decision of the tribunal or the court, though, is deemed as final.


If an FBO is seen Non-Compliant with the terms of the FSSAI license registration, it will get punished. The penalty structure is fixed and applies to everyone. Some of the common FSSAI penalties for a non-compliant FBO are listed below:

  • If an entity is running without applying for the Food Safety certificate, this is punishable under the Act. The FBO may face imprisonment or a penalty of up to Rs. 5 Lakhs. Even both.
  • If someone is selling a sub-standard quality food product, a fine of up to Rs. 5 lakhs may be forced. And the person liable for the sales, either himself or by a person running on his behalf would be held accountable.
  • The FBO selling misbranded food items, either himself or by a person acting on his part, may be forced a fine of up to Rs. 3 lakh.
  • For all the businesses trading/packing/storage/distributions or importing of Food Items including excessive or external substance, a fine of Rs. 1 lakh may be forced.

Disclaimer - Above penalties are subject to change by government time to time.

The fines and punishments listed above may differ on a case to case basis. In extreme cases, where death has occurred due to consuming that particular Food Item, the penalty to the guilty FBO may extend to Rs. 5 lakh or even imprisonment, depending upon the seriousness of the situation and how much harm has been affected. To avoid all these kinds of penalties or late fees kindly connect to our CA near me service section. Forget about all hustle just consult our income tax consultant or ca near me service for better results related to your business registrations or licenses.

How Legal Pillers is helping start-ups in getting their FSSAI Food License?

LegalPillers offers an end-to-end service for food licensing and FSSAI registration. Our promise to every food business operator in India is:

  • FSSAI License issuance at the shortest time frame
  • Timely Renewal updates & other related services
  • Minimum burden of FSSAI registration fees
  • Comprehensive advice with FSSAI online application filling
  • Supervision on taking the right food license type
  • Hand-holding by the entire FSSAI registration process
  • The answer to all your questions and of FSSAI registration & renewals

We have access to all over India FSSAI Department from where our executives help in the issuance of license or registration. In many states the fee structure and communication mode is offline, in such a case our professionals assist Food Business Operators to get their job done smoothly. For any kind of support from FSSAI consultant (income tax consultant/CA near me) Team LegalPillers, you may contact our experts on the number mentioned on the website.

Legal Pillers

In recent time cloud kitchen industry are at boom. Along with Small entrepreneurs, some big celebrities also came to this Industry. As we all know we Indians are very fond of good foods but in most of cases we don’t care about Hygiene. But the government is more concerned about it and regulating this industry very strictly.

Follow us for stay updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

FSSAI License is a permission issued by Food Safety department to all food business operators. So that they can maintain hygiene in their food items.

For getting FSSAI License you need to identify License type such as basic registration, state license r central license. After the finalization just consult with our professionals, submit your documents and get your license done.

For checking FSSAI Food License number you need to visit Here you can track any Food License number

For checking of your license number visit and put reference number in asked section and check it online.

For the purpose you need to apply for renewal before expiry of earlier license number. Renewal can be done by paying renewal fees along with requisite documents to department. For getting any kind of assistance you can contact to our team.

License can be download by a person only after making login into FSSAI portal. You need to put reference number in selected option and now you will be eligible to see and download certificate.

In India operation of any kind of Food Business is only possible when you are register with FSSAI Department. In case if you do no opt FSAI License and you are operating food business, huge penalty shall attract. It is better to do business according to governmental guidelines.

FSSAI License registration is very easy. Before starting you food business you need to discuses about required license and registration with our professions. On the basis of discussion just submit requisite fees and documents. You will get all the certificates at your door steps in limited time period.

For FSSAI license Registration it takes around 20-30 days, however approval is completely depend on regulatory authority processing time. In some cases I may less time also.

On packaged food you can see FSSAI logo, in that logo a 14 digits number is also mentioned there. This is license number issued by the FSSAI Department to any food business operators in India.

For Basic Registration cost starts from Rs. 1500/- however in case of State License costing start from Rs. 7000/-.

For tracking purpose FSSAI department has provided a option on heir portal. For that you must have reference number of your application. Just put that application reference number and get all information about your license application.

For Central Food License you must ready with the requisite documents. Documents varies according to the nature of your business, like if you have manufacturing unit some additional documents are required in that case. After collection of documents communicate with our professionals and make filing of your application.

For registration of food license in India you must have identify which kind of license you required, It is completely depend upon you business nature and turnover. After identification submit all documents with LegalPIllers. Team will prepare an application and submit it with departments. After due verification concerned department will issue your license at your mail.

FSSAI Registration or FSSAI License issued by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is required for selling any kind o food items. Category of license may be Basic Registration, State License or Central License.

For any kind of modification in FSSAI license, an application for editing needs to apply with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Department may ask for any information or documents for the purpose of modification. On due verification you will get a fresh certificate after modification.

DPIN is a unique number issued by the MCA to Designated Partners of LLP. A person can be identified by its DPIN whether he is or are director or designated partner in any company or LLP. DPIN issue only once, having duplicate DPIN is non compliance.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is the regulating authority which s liable for monitoring and relation of food business in India. Authority has sets up various regional offices across the India for the purpose of regulation of Food Business.

For FSSAI Food License following documents are required. 1. Declaration form 2. Authority letter 3. 2 photograph of the applicant 4. Copy of the property paper (if owned) 5. Copy of Rent Agreement (If rented property) 6. License or plan of the food safety management system 7. Electricity bill or water bill of business place 8. Identification proof of proprietor or partners or directors like Aadhar Card, or Voter ID card 9. FORM IX

Basis Central Licence State Licence Basis Registration
Annual Turnover More than Rs.20 Crore Between Rs.12 Lakh - Rs.20 Crore Up to 12 Lakh
Who can apply The large-sized business like Dominos Including imports and exports Medium-sized business Small-sized Business & startups like petty business operators.
Important Documents Form B Form B Form A
Validity period 1-5 years 1-5 years 1-5 years
Other Condition Having a business in more than 1 state Food Business within the state Having food Business within the state

FSSAI Registration is only a registration with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, it is for those FBO's whose Turnover is Less than 12 lack Rs. In a year. However License is for those whose TO is beyond 12 lack rupees.

Central FSSAI License is required for those Food Business Operators whose turnover is more that 20 cr in a year. By taking Central you may operate anywhere in India.

For LLP Registration following basic documents are required as-

State License for those Business operators

Central FSAI License start from Rs. 9999/- However it depends upon requirements of Food Business Operators.

State License costing starts from Rs. 7000/-, However costing of any license or registration is completely depend upon requirements of FBO and governmental policies.

Depending upon type of FBO a Annual Report need to file in specific format (Form D1, D2) with FSSAI Portal. Purpose of this filing is to make ensure that all the requisite criteria is fulfilled by FBO.

You just need to login with LegalPillers, thereafter a dedicated panel will be allotted to you,Now just simply make your payment and get your work done at earliest.

FSSAI Mark or FSAI Logo is simple way to identify whether the particular food products took FSSAI License registration or not. FSSAI Mark or FSSAI logo can only be use by the person who took registration or License by the department.

FBO denotes Food Business Operators, means a person who is running any kind of food product business. Whether it directly consumable or indirectly consumable.