Niti Aayog Registration in India


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Niti Aayog Registration in India

Niti Aayog Registration in India

Niti Aayog Registration in India

Niti aayog ngo registration is an initiative introduced by the Government of India through its department called NITI Aayog to give support to NGOs in India. Department has introduced and portal called NGO Darpan through which they are offering a registration. NGOs are registering themselves with central registry. The basic reason to provide NGO Darpan registration to maintain a central registry through which Indian government is keeping online database of NGOs. It helping NGOs in getting grant under various government schemes. Niti Ayog stands for National Institution for Transforming India Aayog, and it comes into existence in the year 2015 following the design Commission of India. Departments or Ministries that implement schemes via Non-Government Organizations are also required to establish their own portals, and combine them with NGO-Darpan in order that a unification of information flows can be made simpler regarding funding to Non-Government Organizations and project implementation.

NGO Darpan Registration

NGO darpan registration online process through which all NGO register in India willing to register their Ngo profiles on darpan portal. There they need to provide all information such as -

  • Name of NGO
  • Under Which Act they registered
  • Any kind of earlier grant, if received
  • Details of all members under the organization
  • Area of working
  • Other information as required

These basic details are required for getting niti aayog certificate or NGO Darpan registration. NGO Darpan portal usually provides a unique id number once NGO registered with niti aayog ngo darpan portal.

Who should take NGO Darpan Registration Online

All NGO can go for niti aayog certificate for their entity. If entity is working in market for past years or an organization which is newly registered may also take NGO darpan certificate. Generally, a person can register their NGO under these three Acts as –

  • As Section 8 company (NGO Registration) under Companies Act with Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • As Trust under The Indian Trusts Act, 1882 with Registrar.
  • As Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 with Registrar.

Section 8 company (NGO Registration) is most formal company due to it’s registration with Ministry of Corporate Affairs. As it known as most transparent NGO in India due to strict rules and regulation specified in Companies Act, 2013. A section 8 company NGO can be register with minimum two persons who will be director and member in company. Under this entity your details will be register with MCA. Under Trust, minimum two persons are required to register Trust Deed. A registered Trust can also take Niti Aayog Darpan with Darpan portal. A trust need to be registered according to the rules and provisions specified under THE INDIAN TRUSTS ACT, 1882. By submitting all documents and other information of your Trust with NGO darpan portal registration you can get NGO Darpan certificate. One can also register their NGO under Societies Registration Act, 1860 with minimum seven persons. To register a Society atleast seven person are required and need to submit all their documents with Registrar of Societies. By registering Society, you are also eligible to get NGO darpan registration procedure by submitting requisite documents.

Benefits of NGO Darpan Registration Procedure

As we already discussed above that the primary aim of the Government of India is to maintain the databases of societies/trusts/organizations that are working for society's welfare and asking for the fund to practice their activities. Here are some advantages from NITI Aayog NGO registration in India:

  • If you are having NGO darpan portal registration, it would be convenient for you to get FCRA Registration for your NGO.
  • If you are having niti aayog certificate, It increases trust in NGO which can help them receive the support of the general public.
  • It is mandatory to apply for NITI Aayog NGO Registration to take advantage of the various schemes offered from the Government of India.
  • All the databases for currently in operation and those that are blacklisted Non-Government Organizations are maintained with the aid by Darpan Portal, an NGO portal. Darpan Portal.
  • On this non-governmental organization Darpan site, users are able to directly apply for grants provided through the Indian Government that you wish to avail.
  • NGO darpan registration process also helps in getting 12A registration under Income Tax Act.
  • NGO darpan registration online also helps in 80G registration for the purpose of getting tax exemption benefits provided by the government.

As government is always looking to help society in various ways due to which NGOs are working actively to participate. By considering all facts, one who is having NGO or willing to register NGO in India must plan for NGO Darpan on darpan portal for getting NGO darpan portal registration.

Documents required for NGO Darpan Registration.

Here is the list of documents required for ngo darpan registration at the time of NGO darpan registration process:

Documents required for Section 8 company –

  • MOA, AOA, COI of Section
  • PAN and TAN of Company
  • Adhaar and PAN of Directors of NGO
  • Email id and contact no of members of NGO along with its designation
  • Details of source of fund, if received by NGO
  • Other information as required.

Documents required for Trust -

  • Registered Trust Deed
  • Registration Certificate
  • PAN of Trust
  • Adhaar and PAN of members of NGO
  • Email id and contact no of members of NGO along with its designation
  • Details of source of fund, if received by NGO
  • Other information as required

Documents required for Society –

  • Registered Society Registration Deed
  • Registration Certificate of Society
  • PAN of Society
  • Adhaar and PAN of members of NGO
  • Email id and contact no of members of NGO along with its designation
  • Details of source of fund, if received by NGO
  • Other information as required

These basic documents along with some other basic information is required for NGO darpan certificate over darpan portal.

NGO Darpan Registration Process:

In order to complete the process of NGO darpan registration online, we must follow some basic steps which are mandatory to get register under NGO Darpan.

  • Step 1- Preparation and submission of documents with LegalPillers for niti aayog darpan for getting NGO darpan portal registration.
  • Step 2 – Creating of Login details on the NGO Darpan portal. Submission of documents along with other information.
  • Step 3- Completion of application by filing all details provided by NGO in respect of NGO darpan registration online.
  • Step 4- Congratulations! You Unique Id for niti aayog darpan is generated. You Shall be notified by an email and sms by the department for issuance of Niti Aayog Registration in India.

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