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Producer Company Registration

A producer company can be defined as a legally recognized body of farmers/ agriculturists with the aim to improve the standard of their living, and ensure a good status of their available support, incomes and profitability. Under Companies Act 1956, a Producer Company can be formed by 10 individuals (or more) or 2 institutions (or more) or by a combination of both (10 individuals and 2 institutions) having their business objective as one of the following:-
Procurement, Production, Harvesting, Grading, Pooling, Handling, Marketing, Selling or Export of the primary produce of the Members or import of goods or services for their benefit.

. WHY Producer Company Registration .

Tax Benefit

The Income Tax Act, 1961 under section 10(1) exempts the agricultural. However, the exemption for such agricultural income shall sometimes differ on the basis of the kind of agricultural activity undertakes.

Loans and Investments

The members of the Producer Company are primary producers, and are in need of financial assistance from time to time. A special provision is made by the Act 61 of Producer Company of giving loans.

Separate Legal Entity

A producer company is a legal entity and a juristic person established under the Act. Therefore, a producer company has wide legal capacity and can own property and also incur debts.

Owning Property

A producer company being a juristic person, can acquire, own, enjoy property in its own name. No member can make any claim upon the property of the producer company as long as it is a going concern.

Members Benefit

The members will initially receive the value for the produce or products pooled and supplied as the directors may determine. This amount is given out later either in cash or in kind or by equity shares.

Receipt of RD/FD

A producer company can accept deposit in the form of RD/FD, and give maturity as well as distribute loans to its farmer/agriculturist members time to time, and charge reasonable interest from them.


For Directors/shareholders
  • Copy of PAN Card
  • Copy of Adhaar Card or passport or driving license
  • Bank Statement
  • Photo of Directors
For registered office
  • Copy of Electricity Bill (not older than 2 months) or
  • Water or Gas Bill
  • NOC for use of premises or
  • Sale Deed or Rental Agreement
  • COI
  • 10 DSC
  • DIN of Directors
  • MOA & AOA
  • Name Reservation
  • PAN & TAN registration
  • Post Incorporation Support
  • At-least 10 person required for registration
  • Which could be Director cum Member
  • Object of company shall be agriculture related
  • Company may get huge exemption in Taxation
  • Producer company works for specific purpose
  • No addition business activity can be carried
  • Person must be Indian Resident
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