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Surrender of DIN

Director Identification Number (DIN) is allotted by the central government to every individual intending to be appointed as a director of a company. If the person want to surrender the DIN, may make an application to the government (power delegated to Regional Director).


Documents Required
  • Affidavit containing declaration
  • ID proof of that director
  • PAN card
  • DIN for which application is made
  • Digital Signature Certificate of Director
  • Email Address and contact details
  • Having more than one DIN
  • DIN obtained by fraudulent means or a wrongful manner
  • Death of the individual whose DIN it is
  • The individual is declared of having unsound mind by the court
  • The individual in question has been declared as insolvent
  • The individual is no more associated with any company/LLP
  • The DIN has not been used for a while or is not intended for future reference also
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