Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to www.legalpillers.com an online platform owned by Pravigo Legal Pillers Private Limited provides business solutions to the entrepreneurs related to Company incorporation, Business Consultancy, Secretarial, Goods and Service Tax, Taxation, Accounting and other allied Services by this online platform(www.legalpillers.com) hereinafter called as Legal Pillers. Since we do not offer face to face meetings with consumers, so it is important to understand the terms & conditions of using this website or taking services.

It is expressed in public domain that by visiting on our website or taking any kind of service by using this platform does means that you have read our policies and agreed with all the terms and conditions mentioned in it. And you are affirming that you are above 18 years of age and are fully able and competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations, and warranties consequent to the creation of the documents, and are aware of the same.

Legal Pillers is an online portal which provides communication between legal professionals and its users. Any electronic communication sent to or by Legal Pillers alone will not create a Professional-client relationship between the user and Legal Pillers, such being expressly denied. Kindly do consider that neither Legal Pillers, nor any of its subsidies or employees are responsible for any kind of Legal or otherwise services provided through this online portal or by other portal in connection with Pravigo Legal Pillers Private Limited.

Nothing on our website or material sent to you in our communication is to be construed as legal advice. If you agree to avail of the services on our website, you are giving us permission to make this selection on your behalf. If you disagree with these terms and conditions, or do not want us to choose a suitable professional to fulfil your request, please do not use our services.

Legal Pillers is not intended to be a source of advertising or solicitation and the contents of the website should not be construed as legal advice. No recipients of content from this website should act, or refrain from acting, based upon any or all of the contents of this site. Information contain on www.legalpillers.com only for the purpose of general information, it shall not take as legal or otherwise consultancy and we frequently try to update the content mentioned on our website but due to change in governmental policies, acts, rulers and regulation of various laws, we cannot provide you The accuracy, completeness or adequacy of Legal Pillers is not warranted or guaranteed. Legal Pillers further assumes no liability for the interpretation and/or use of the information contained on this website.

Legal Pillers does not provide any guarantee or warranty whether express or implied as to the legal ability, competence, or quality of representation which may be provided by any of the Professional which are listed through this site or any affiliate thereof.

Legal Pillers reserves all rights to restrict/prohibit of any further access on its website or services without giving any prior intimation. Any kind of abusive, harassing, inappropriate language, racist or hateful comment or content posted by any of its existing or new user or visitor on any section of web portal, social media or at other platform shall not be tolerate and subject to legal action by the organisation as per applicable laws. Infringement or violation of rights of organisation but not limited to Intellectual Properties. Posting of threaten, vulgar, abusive or inappropriate comments or emails to any staff or any professional connected whether expressed or implied with the organisation shall be construed as an offense and Legal Pillers has right to sue such person or persons, organisation or organisations or any other group of persons as per the applicable law.

Legal Pillers denied all the responsibility arises by any kind of act, misconduct or happening whether intentionally or unintentionally arises during the representation made by professionals or advocates arranged by Legal Pillers on behalf of client before any governmental or institutional body. Legal Pillers does not endorsed or advertise other service provider whether individual or organisation catering any kind of services in market whether by online or offline mode. All kind of views, opinion, consultancy, advices provided by the professional using www.legalpillers.com to anyone render the means that such professional is responsible for that particular views, opinion, consultancy, advices and Legal Pillers shall not be responsible for the same.
It is indemnified that user is agree with all terms and conditions including Refund policy, Privacy Policy mentioned atwww.legalpillers.com hence is/are solely responsible for any loss or harm bear by him in any possible way and shall not claim for any kind of loss, damage, expenses etc.

The domain www.legalpillers.com owned and managed by Pravigo Legal Pillers Private Limited registered under Companies Act, 2013. Use of the Website by the User is solely governed by this Policy as well as the Terms of Use of the Website, and subject to any modifications or amendments made thereto by the Company from time to time, at its sole discretion. Using any page of this website declares that the user is well aware about the terms and conditions and accepts it.

The user unambiguously accepts and agrees that all the terms and conditions, policies, declaration is applicable and legally binding on the user or visitor. The User acknowledges and agrees that no signature or express act is required to make these Terms and the Policy binding on the User, and that the User’s act of visiting any part of the Website constitutes the User’s full and final acceptance of the Policy and the aforementioned Terms. The User has a duty to periodically check the Policy and Terms, and stay updated on their provisions and requirements.

By using services from our portal, interaction with any employees of company, independent professional arranged, user expressly allows the organisation to collect and store his personal information not limited to his name, education, email address, images, id address proof, account details, contact number but also other personal information. The User is aware that the Company/Website may automatically track certain information about the User based upon the User’s IP address and the User’s behavior on the Website and the User expressly consents to the same.

The organisation has sole right to denied the access to some section on website without user’s registration on it which requires users some personal information viz., name, email address, contact number, address etc. If user 0posts some feedback about company on social media or some other platform, it means user is giving express right to use such comment and post by the company and company may post it on its website or on some other platform as the company think fit. User should aware that company may share users personal information time to time with some other organisation if required by law or in some other cases as well.

Legal Pillers has introduced Big Diwali Offer Sale which is only available during the period of 23rd October, 2019 to 31st October, 2019. Any subscriber opted this offer via www.legalpillers.com or calls or whatsapp shall be eligible for offer and all terms and condition shall be applicable to him. The price mentioned in website is Rs. 1499 /- , Rs. 1999 /- and Rs. 2499/- is first installment of total amount. However the complete price of packages is as Rs. 7999/-, Rs. 10499/- and Rs. 23,999/- respectively. There is no per month or quarterly payment options, person need to pay rest amount when 90% of company incorporation work get done. Company is not allowing any installment policy for any kind of services provided by company through its platform. In case if you fail to provide your remaining payment the work process shall be stopped by the company and any kind of loss or damage, if occurred shall not be bearable by company anymore. The token amount paid on upfront basis shall not be refund in any case. In any circumstances if your company get registered and you failed to pay rest of amount as per terms and conditions, it shall be presumed that you have provided all powers to Legal Pillers to take possession of Digital Signature Certificate of directors and other documents as deemed fit to company and also company(Legal Pillers) shall enjoy the exclusive right to take the possession in company in any way which is required to recover the payments.