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GST Return

GST Return

What is GST Return?

All persons i.e. every individual/Company/LLP registered under the GST Act who is applying for the GST Registration Online filing has to file GST annual return. As a Business owner your primary duty is to run your Business and earn profit but on the same basis you have to file your GST return on priority basis. Hence, Legal Pillers having the platform of Professionals providing CA Online Services all over India can help you make the process smoother and simpler. Return is a document containing details of income that a taxpayer is expected to file with the tax administrative authorities.

This is practiced by tax authorities to determine tax liability. While Filing GST Return/ Online GST Return all the Process is done electronically in the GST Portal. It states all aspects linked to GST invoices, payments, and receipts for a specific period. A taxpayer is liable to report all transactions related to the income of the business based on which the authorities will determine the amount of tax to be paid by the business. The process and GST Filing Charges both are less here at LegalPillers.

A GST registered person has to apply for GST return filing that includes:

  • Total sales and Total Purchases
  • Output GST (GST paid by customers/on sales)
  • Input Tax Credit (GST paid by the business for purchases or buying)

Once the process of GST Return Filing Online is done, a registered applicant can check the Online GST Return status. Also, comply with necessary requirements accordingly. Before you know the procedure of online GST return understand its 11 types and all forms have different due dates.

Eligibility for GST Return Filing Online

In the GST Return Filing Online norms, any legal business has to file 2 monthly returns and one Annual GST Return. Online GST Return is compulsory for all the entities that make no sale/purchase in a year in the form of nil- returns. Main Returns to be filed in GST are GSTR-3B (which is a monthly summary of input and output) and GSTR 1 (details of outward supplies).GSTR 3B is to be filed every month by 20th. The best element in this system one has to manually access details of one monthly return – GSTR-1. The other return – GSTR 3B will get auto-populated by receiving information from GSTR-1 filed by you and your vendors. All taxpayers have to file returns regularly. The annual taxpayers like foreign non-residents, casual taxpayers, and Input Service Providers (ISD) must register returns repeatedly.

Benefits in Online GST Return Filing

  • Removal of the Cascading Effect

    GST Registration introduction into the Indian tax system has cut down all the taxes like central excise duty, service tax, customs duty, and state-level value-added tax. Therefore a single GST Registration has reduced the cascading impact of tax on tax.

  • More eminent threshold benefits

    Before GST Registration was included, VAT was appropriate for any business that had a yearly turnover of 20 lakhs. Services that marked a turnover of fewer than 10 lakhs are not payable for service taxes.

  • E-commerce and Start-ups

    Start-ups are making a strong presence online giving their services and products by their websites. Under VAT, there were various types of VAT laws, and the supply of goods by online i.e. E-commerce was never a well-defined one. GST Registration has now removed all such complex processes.

  • Regulations and liability

    The pre-GST time saw a disorderly tax filing system. Directly, all taxes are paid online and major troubles that were a part of tax filing have been dropped in the process of adding GST. This has appeared in industries becoming more liable and tax filing laws are better organized than before

Requirements in Return filing

  • Invoice figures and days
  • Customer title
  • Transportation and billing location
  • Client and taxpayer’s GSTIN
  • Area of supply
  • HSN / SAC code
  • Item details that are classification, quantity (number), unit (meter, kg, etc.), the total amount
  • Taxable value and discounts
  • Rate and volume of taxes, i.e. CGST/ SGST/ IGST
  • Is GST is payable on the reverse charge basis
  • Documents Required for the GST Return Filing

Documents Required for the GST Return Filing

There are different according to the types of GSTR. But the common documents are:

  • Legal Name of the registered person
  • Transportation and billing location
  • TDS and TCS received
  • Turnover Details ( Previous year)
  • Tax paid and payable details
  • Details of supplies made by the e-commerce operator
  • Imported goods/services
  • Outward supplies made intrastate
  • Details of interest and supplies
  • Tax payable on closing stock
  • UIN of the registered person

Type of GST Return Forms

  • GSTR-1

    Under the Online GST Return system there is GSTR-1. Details of all outside supplies of taxable goods and services to be listed by registered taxable suppliers. The GSTR 1 due date to register this form is the 10th of the next month. 

  • GSTR-2

    While doing Online GST Return filing, GSTR-2 contains all information on all internal supplies of taxable goods and services to be listed by the registered taxable recipient of the goods and services. The due date for registering this form is the 15th of next month under the Online GST Return regime.

  • GSTR-3

    This form will be filled automatically based on outside supplies and internal supplies with the payment of tax provided in GSTR-1 and 2. The form will be created by 20th of the next month under the Online GST Return process.

  • GSTR-4

    This form includes the details of outward supplies, tax payable and payment of tax. The due date of filing this form is the 18th of the month succeeding quarter under GST Return Filing Online system.

  • GSTR-5

    This form includes the details of outside supplies, imports, input tax, tax paid and remaining stock. This form is for non-resident taxable persons and files by the 20th of the next month.

  • GSTR-6

    It includes the information of return for input service distributor. Plus it is filed by the input service distributor by 13th of the next month.

  • GSTR-7

    This form carries information about the tax deduction. The due date to GST File Online of this form is the 10th of the next month through GST Return Filing Online regime.

  • GSTR-8

    It includes the details of every supply made by an e-commerce operator and the amount of tax collected. This is filed by an e-commerce operator or tax collector by the 10th of each month.

  • ​GSTR-9

    Annual return GST filed by an enrolled taxable person by 31st December of the next fiscal year.

  • GSTR-10

    Final return registered by a taxable person whose registration has been surrendered or cancelled in 3 months of the date of cancellation or surrender whichever is next. GST File Online is mandatory for all registered businesses.

  • GSTR-11

    Information of inside supplies to be provided by a person who has a UIN by 28th of the month following the month for which the statement is listed.

  • GSTR 3b

    This form does not need invoice level data. Gstr 3b filing needs only total values for all fields, like a summary, for the month for which filing is done. The gstr 3b due date monthly self-declaration that has to be registered as a registered dealer from July 2017 till March 2020.

  • GSTR-2A

    It is the return of information of all the internal supplies of goods/services, that is, purchases created by registered suppliers. This form is listed by the 15th of every month via GST Return Filing Online process.

  • GSTR-5A

    This one is furnished by service providers of Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval (OIDAR). It is filed to declare the services given to unregistered entities or individuals, from a place outside India to a person in India. It is a monthly return registered by the 20th of each month under GST Return Filing Online.

  • GSTR-7A

    It is known as the TDS certificate which is made as soon as the GSTR filing is done by the tax deductor in Form GSTR-7. The Assessee practices it for maintaining records.

  • GSTR-9A

    This is registered by entities who have opted for composition schemes any time during the financial year. The details provided in are inside and outside supplies, taxes paid, demand created, refund, input tax credit availed or reversed.

Procedure for GST Return Filing Online

  • GST File Online as a Single Checklist

    A GST expert manager of Legal Pillers will get in touch with you to tell you about your due date of GST Filing. You will get a list of your documents required along with a simple checklist. You require to fill up that checklist and submit along with your documents for processing. We will help in GST File Online.

  • Preparation for Online GST Return 

    Our professional team providing CA online services all over India will validate documents and continue with return preparation. During the process, your dedicated Income Tax Consultants will tell all about updates on the progress of the GST Return/online GST Return.

  • GST Return Filing Online

    We will get your return examined from you before GST File Online. After all compliance and examination, we will file the GST Return Filing Online. Upon successful filing, we will email the return receipt to your registered email ID with us. Our Income tax consultant will help and guide you regarding all aspects of GST Return Filing Online process.

  • Late Fees/Penalty for GST Return Filing

    In case the taxpayer declines to create GST Return filing, file the returns inside the time limits, then he/she will be required to pay a penalty which is a late fee. The late fee (charges) will be Rs.20 per day if it is NIL return or only purchases. Rs 50 will be imposed if we neglect to furnish the sales. Thus, it will come about Rs.25 under the CGST and repeat Rs.25 under the SGST. The entire amount to be paid will be Rs.50 per day. The highest penalty can be Rs. 5000.The IGST does not levy any late fees. However GST Filing Charges/fees is very nominal at our platform. To find CA Near Me is most important for your business.

How Can LegalPillers Help You?

We at LegalPillers have a panel of well versed Chartered Accountants and other Certified GST professionals having vast experience in GST related matters. By our platform you will be able to get CA Near me service to find CA Services Online or Income Tax Consultants. Annual GST Return is also required to file after the year. All businesses in India require proper tax consultancy so that they can be liable for any kind of penalty levy and they can run their business smoothly. We at LegalPillers provide dedicated Income Tax Consultants to your business so that you can ask any kind of query to them any time. For getting information over GST Filing Charges or GST Filing fees do connect our professionals. We always offer most reasonable GST Filing fees for newly registered start-ups or enterprises.

Here are some supports which we are giving to you as-

  • Dedicated Professionals for managing your GST Account
  • All possible approach to save you from additional tax burden
  • Proper assistance over input credit
  • Assistance in invoicing and HSN code
  • Connect today to our heavy discount of GST Registration and its return related work.

Connect today to our heavy discount of GST Registration and its return related work.

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