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Online Company Registration in Bangalore

new company registration in bangalore

Online Company Registration In Bangalore

Before starting your company you must know about the types of company and its registration process. A suitable company registration type will help you to operate your business effectively.Company Registration in Bangalore may be for non profit, for profit, micro, medium business or any other. What kind of business registration type will be good depends entirely upon your business model. There are various laws in India which regulate these business registration. All these business registrations and their objectives are different from each other.

How Legal Pillers helps in Company Registration?

The professionals at LegalPillers help budding newcomers by providing free consultancy services over New Company Registration or Firm Registration or Startup Registration. We are providing Online Company Registration services in Bangalore by our CA Services. We have a chain of large numbers of professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates, IT Professionals, Accounting and Taxation experts from PAN India. By using the expertise we are serving best in our industry

What is the Company Registration Process or Firm Registration process in Bangalore?

The Government of India made it easy by inserting various provisions in law and updating their infrastructure to online portal. For your new company registration or firm registration you must have basic documents such as Copy of Adhaar and PAN, email id and contact numbers and other. Company Formation process contains only 5- 6 steps which can be done within 4-7 days such as selection of name, preparation of documents and application, submission of it with department and than approval thereof..

What kind of Documents required for Online Company Registration in Bangalore?

For online Company Registration in Bangalore following documents are required-

  • Copy of PAN card of directors
  • Copy of Adhaar Card of directors
  • Electricity bill of office
  • NOC or rental agreement of office or ownership proof
  • Photograph of directors
  • Email id and contact number of directors
  • Other information as required

What is the process of selection of name?

As per Companies Act, 2013 the name of company must be unique and should not be similar or equivalent to existing name. The name should not be resemble or too near to existing company or trademark name and it should not represents any government bodies. We have to check all the requisite criteria regarding name reservation and approval for Company Registration in Bangalore.

How LegalPillers is providing CA Services?

LegalPillers is India’s most popular Legal Technology platform which is rendering numerous Online CA Services through its online portal not only in Bangalore but also across India. We are offering more than 100 services at your door steps and the best part is that you do not require to visit any government offices for grant of registration or any other kind of license. We have a big panel of CA/CS/Advocates from all over India having expertise in their fields. Which are serving to new enterprises as well as established big companies.

Steps Involved in Company Registration process or Company Incorporation.

  • Step 1- Firstly person need to identify the name of their business and conduct due diligence whether name is available or not.
  • Step 2- After finalization and submission of name with department we will create Digital Signature certificate.
  • Step 3- Thereafter various kind of supporting documents need to prepare by professionals and signed by applicants.
  • Step 4- After finalization of supporting documents professional will maintain registration application such as Spice, Spice plus, Fillip.
  • Step 5- On the basis of above preparation professional will certify the application and submit it with department after paying requisite fees according to the capital of company.
  • Step 6- Once the application received buy department, it will verify the application and approve the application and issue certified copy of COI, PAN, TAN, MOA, AOA,DIN, DSC, etc.

What if I want to Startup Registration or Company Incorporation?

You can call your online company incorporation as Startup registration. Startup Registration is nothing but a business registration type, whether you can register a private limited company, Limited Liability, OPC, Partnership firm, Proprietorship etc,. shall be considered as startup registration.

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