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Change in Contribution

Increase in Capital Contribution means increase the existing Capital Contribution limit in the LLP Agreement of the LLP. Capital Contribution is the contribution that a LLP can issue as stated in its LLP Agreement. In general Capital Contribution is the amount which is invested by the partner to start the company.

. WHY Change in Contribution .

Company may get Investment

By increasing share capital, company may get nay opportunity to raise fund from VC or other interested party.

New oppurtunity

New talent may get opportunity to work for your organisation’s betterment which internally strong your organisation.

Good Impact on investor

It creates good impact on investor who are willing to invest in your entity. Capital represents how much you have invested.

Bigger amount equals to bigger size

Bigger amount of contribution invested in Limited Liability Partnership firm reflect bigger size of organisation in front of others.

Diversification Opportunity

After putting the contribution in your organisation provides you an chance to explore new market to opt or provide new services or goods.

Business Efficiency

Optimum amount of capital contribution make business operation effective. A reasonable amount of contribution make organisations operation well.


For change of contribution
  • Consent of Partners of LLP
  • Notice issued to Partners
  • Number of amount to be increased
  • Details of person by whom contribution received
  • Id and address proof of person, if required
  • Stamp paper according to the contribution of the LLP that to be introduced.
  • Check whether LLP's present contribution have direct relation with profit share.
  • Check the new ratio of profit sharing is right as decided
  • To reflect the changed capital necessary amended to present LLP agreement is required.
  • Every amendment to LLP agreement need filing with ROC.
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