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IEC is required for Importer & Exporters

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IEC (Import Export Code) Registration | Get IEC License

A perfect platform to register all the businesses who are dealing with trade of goods & services in and out of India. To get the IEC code online, some basic information and documents are required. So apply IEC Code Registration Online today and make your business global.

Apply Today for online IEC Registration & License

  • Entire registration process completed in only 5 days
  • Drafting Import Export License Application & Document Evaluation
  • Registration Certificate of IEC establishment
  • The completely online process with Email or Phone Call
  • Issuance of License Certificate

What is IEC (Import Exporode) Registration?

The IEC (Import Export Code) Registration is very mandatory to carry out import in India or export outside India. The IEC license or IEC Code is an Import-Export Code issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade & Ministry of Commerce & Industries. The IEC license is mandatory for those who are doing business outside India whether they are importing or exporting the goods or services. Import Export Code/ IEC registration is a 10-digit number that is issued along with Import Export License Certificate to regulate & supervise the foreign trade activities in India.

Even, RBI has made IEC Registration compulsory for all the traders to give their IEC Codes or IEC code online during any payment transfers. Importer exporter code once provided can be applied by the entity all by its existence and it doesn't certainly require any renewal. When the company has gotten an IEC license, at that point the company can include in import-export necessities with no issues. To check IEC status you can visit DGFT IEC portal & you can verify IEC code after its registration.

Eligibility for getting Import Export Code registration

The IEC code registration or Import Export License online is applicable all kind of business, however it must consider that such business must be dealing in import or export of goods or services. Followings are some entities can apply for IEC Code Registration:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Private limited companies
  • NGOs/ Trusts (Charitable Organization)
  • Partnership
  • One-person Company
  • Limited Liability Company, etc.

However, the IEC Code is not applicable for import & export of goods for personal use that is not linked to trade, manufacture or agriculture.

Benefits of IEC Registration

Taking Import Export License in India makes your presence globally, which creates huge impact on your business. Such IEC Code make following benefits to your business

IEC code online open International Markets & Trades

With IEC Certification or IEC license you can easily enter and register for international market places even online as well as Amazon, wish, etc.

In IEC registration no Filing of Returns required:

The import-export code/ IEC registration doesn't require any return fillings process. Once the IEC registration is shared, there isn't any need to follow any kind of complex process for supporting its validity. Especially, for even export transactions, DGFT IEC does not compulsory ask filing any returns

IEC license is Government Authorized Proof:

IEC code also serves as the government identification as one can show this identity number for permission of the shipments. Vvarious government advantages are also their while taking an IEC registration.

IEC code online have lifetime Validity:

Once received IEC code is valid for the lifetime of companies and requires no renewal. Import Export Code registration can be used by an entity upon all export and import activities. However, as per new guidelines such IEC Code Registration must be update with portal every year. Otherwise department may cancel your Import Export License.

What Is Included in Our Package?

Following things are included under the package of IEC Code Registration Online as -

  • Drafting Documents
  • Application Filing & Processing
  • Application Processing
  • Import Export Code Registration + Government Fee

We do not only provide Import Export License online but also helps in IEC Gate Registratin and other kind of registration and license applicable for an Importer and Exporter.

When IEC Registration in India is required?

It is important to get the Import Export License for Importing and Exporting goods. It sends the dealer code details with the port by that the goods or services are being imported or exported. And hence Import Export Code registration assists in overcoming it because it is nearly difficult to make import-export code without giving the entire information of the items being imported or exported.

  • The custom officials confirm or clear the shipments of an importer who has to receive his shipments from the procedures if he has an IEC number.
  • Companies or business and charitable trusts can avail of several benefits from DGFT IEC, Customs, and Export Promotion Council on import & export by the IEC.
  • The bank needs IEC code online when an importer sends money abroad by banks.
  • IEC online is needed by the bank when an exporter gets money in foreign currency directly into his bank account.
  • IEC code online is required at the customs port where an exporter has to give his shipments.
  • The government of the other country supports the trader when he is having the IEC registration number

IEC Registration procedure

Getting DGFT IEC is not that much complex, if you proceed with LegalPillers. We have identified four simple steps for issuance of Import Export License Online

Step 1: Fill Application Form of IEC registration

To get code an application must be done in an online web based portal falling under DGFT IEC. The government has provided an online filing facility for getting IEC CODE Online. Join LegalPillers today

Step 2: Preparation of essential documents for IEC license

Details of the business and its owners, administrators or partners, bank account details. Also, a bank certificate is the primary requirement. Everything the required documents for import export code registration require to be submitted with DGFT IEC.

Step 3: IEC fee payment

Once the form is complete, it must be filed with DGFT IEC and an application fee is required to be paid to the government. The IEC department may give back your application for improvement/change. You require replying to the DGFT in 15 days.

Step 4: IE Code Issuance

Once the import export code registration application is fully verified by the department, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade will give an IE Code for your organization. This IE code appears in both soft copy and hard copy. You receive the softcopy by email and can start the import-export transaction with this.

Documents Required for Getting IEC Code

The following are the documents needed for making an IE Code application in India.

Annual Turnover More than Rs.20 Crore Between Rs.12 Lakh - Rs.20 Crore Up to 12 Lakh
2 Who can apply The large-sized business like Dominos Including imports and exports Medium-sized business Small-sized Business & startups like petty business operators.
3 Important Documents Form B Form B Form A
4 Validity period 1-5 years 1-5 years 1-5 years
5 Other Condition Having a business in more than 1 state Food Business within the state Having food Business within the state

Validity of IE Code

IE Code registration is a continuing registration that is valid for a lifetime. So, there will be no troubles for updating, filing, and renewal of IE Code registration. It is valid until the business endures or the registration is cancelled or resigned. Moreover, unlike tax registrations like GST Registration or PF Registration, the importer or exporter does not need to file any filings or follow any other compliance like annual filing. As IE code registration is one-time and needs no extra compliance, it is approved for all companies and LLPs to get IE code after incorporation.

Note- As per new direction issued by DGFT, every DGFT IEC holder need to update their records with department.

For checking IEC code you have to visit DGFT IEC portal, from where you can verify IEC code/ IEC code online also.

How to verify IEC Code/ IEC license?

To verify IEC code/ IEC license visit DGFT website. Go to DGFT website, under website therei is section called "service". And click on the verify IEC Code option. By entering the requisite details you will be able to verify IEC code. In case any problem arises to verify IEC Code contact our CA service online or income tax consultants near me at LegalPillers.

How to check IEC code?

For checking IEC code one needs to know about the file number and file date otherwise if you have the IEC code number you can also check IEC code. If you are getting any kind of hurdle for check IEC code online contact our income tax consultants near me or CA Service Online today.

Exemption of IEC

  • The individual included in import and export of goods for individual reasons and not linked with trade, horticulture, and manufacturing are exempted from getting IEC registration/ IEC license.
  • People who export/import products to/from Nepal and Myanmar by Indo-Myanmar fringe zones and China with the single transfer which doesn't exceed in Indian cash Rs.25, 000 doesn't need IEC.
  • Exception from obtaining import export code license will not be suitable for the export of Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment's, and Technologies (SCOMET) as noted in Appendix - 3, Schedule 2 of ITC (HS).

Following hard IEC numbers will be done by non-commercial PSUs and kinds of importers/exporters declared upon them for import/export plans.

S. No Code Number Categories of Importers / Exporters
1 0100000011 Every ministry or department of the Central Government and agencies fully or partly retained by them.
2 0100000029 Every ministry or department of any State Government and agencies fully or partly held by them.
3 0100000037 Diplomatic personnel, Counselor officers in India, administrator of UNO and its working agencies.
4 0100000045 Indians returning from or going abroad and claiming privilege under Baggage Rules.
5 0100000053 Persons or Institutions or Hospitals importing or exporting goods for private use, not attached to trade or manufacture or agriculture
6 0100000061 Individuals importing or exporting goods from Nepal.
7 0100000070 Individuals importing or exporting goods from or to Myanmar by Indo-Myanmar border areas.
8 0100000088 Ford Foundation
9 0100000096 Importers importing goods for performance or apply in fairs or exhibitions or alike events under terms of ATA Carnet. This IEC number can also be used by importers importing for exhibitions or exchanges as per Para 2.29 of HBPv1.
10 0100000100 Director, National Blood Group Reference Laboratory, Bombay or their approved offices.
11 0100000126 Individuals, Charitable Institution, Registered NGOs importing goods, that are exempted from Customs duty under Notification circulated by the Ministry of Finance for bonafide use by sufferers hit by natural cause or calamity.
12 0100000134 Individual importing or exporting sanctioned goods as stated from time to time, from. To China by Gunji, Namgaya Shipkila and Nathula ports, subject to worth ceilings of individual consignment as given in Para 2.8(iv) above.
13 0100000169 Non-commercial imports and exports by entities that are approved by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Commercial Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) who have got PAN will, though, be required to get the IEC Code. The permanent IEC number as stated above shall be done by non-commercial PSUs.

Changes under the Introduction of GST for IEC Code

GST is very well known as Goods & service tax in India which was introduced to include all the indirect tax into one tax that is GST. After the implementation of Goods and Services Tax in the GST regime, GSTIN will be used for the credit flow of IGST paid on the import of goods. But, the PAN is an identifier at the entity level of the boundary whereas GSTIN would be used as an identifier at the transaction level for all imports and exports.

The UIN or PAN will be taken as an IEC license. All importers needed to demand GSTIN in their invoices in joining IEC Registration. The changes after GST are executed as follows:

After the implementation of the GST (Goods and Services Tax), the traders have to submit only their GST Identification Number (GSTIN) at the time of import or export.

With the execution of the GST, GSTIN uses for purposes of the credit flow of IGST on the import of goods. Also, for a refund or rebate of IGST linked to the export of goods.

According to the announcement issued by the government, IEC registration will not be mandatory for all traders who are listed under GST.

Export/ Import done by the Government of India Departments and Ministries, Notified Charitable Institutions must not need to get Import Export Code registration.

Import Export Code (IEC) registration is not expected to be taken in case the goods exported or imported is for personal use and isn't practiced for any commercial purpose.

To grow the business and avail the government profits the importer and the exporter need to get the GST number and also Import-Export Code registration.

How do LegalPillers support you in getting IEC code online?

We are offering all CA services online as possible just to simplify the work of all the applicants and solve the query of people. We have well versed income tax consultants near me who are managing all business related works here at LegalPillers. We know that it is very complex to understand the procedures & documentation of the IEC Code that is Import Export code Registration. So, here we are to deliver hassle-free serves, wherein you can sit back and relax. Everything from starting to end will be managed by our experts & professionals (tax consultants near me).

IEC Registration section Consultation

  • Document Preparation for Import Export Code Registration
  • Application Drafting for Import Export Code
  • Application Filing for IEC Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

For getting IE Code you have to make application with DGFT. For easy and smooth processing do connect our professionals and get it register within a day at minimum cost.

Import Export Code Registration is a permission issued by the DGFT for importing or exporting of goods. Without having IE Code no one can import or export their goods except in certain cases.

IEC number is 10-digit number issued by the government to classify any business whether it is eligible for importing/exporting or not.

For checking the status of IEC Code number, person need to visits at Here in IEC Section you can track or visit your IEC code.

Import Export Certificate is a permission granted by Directorate General of Foreign Trade to the business who want to do import/ export business in India.

For making application for IEC, prepare with requisite documents and other information. Then submit it with after making requisite fees. On due verification of documents expert at LegalPillers will register it.

For making any modification in IEC Certificate you must apply with DGFT with requisite information and documents. You can easily add you Branch in your existing IEC by contacting with LegalPillers.

For getting your Import Export Code Certificate submit all your documents with our Team. They will assist you while applying your request with DGFT and will also assist you after registration requirements related to import and export.

We will take hardly 1-2 days time after submission of your all documents and other information asked by IEC departments.

For checking the status of your IEC do visit at and enter your reference number and track the status of your IEC Code Registration.

For having status of IEC of any company do visit at DGFT website. From there you can check IEC of a company.

Following documents are required for IEC Certificate -

  • 2 Photograph of the Proprietor
  • Copy of PAN card of the Proprietor
  • Sale deed in case business place is owned
  • Rental/Lease Agreement in case of office is rented/ leased or the latest electricity /telephone bill.
  • Bank Certificate or Cancelled Cheque

You have to make FSSAI application at For getting quick access to your Import Export Code do connect our professionals at - 9625279785 - 9167941961.

Yes, any person who intends to import/export goods or services must obtain Import export Code.

You may get your Import Export code within 7-10 days after submitting your documents.

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