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Trademark renewal

The validity of trademark registration in India expires after a period of 10 years from the date reckoned from the date on which the application for registration of trademark is filed. A registered trademark may be renewed for successive period of 10 years. For this purpose, the registered proprietor will have to make an application in the prescribed manner and within the prescribed period together with the payment of the prescribed renewal fees.It is obligatory on the registrar of trademark to renew the registration, if the renewal application is properly filed in compliance of law. The prices mentioned in this page is not fixed may vary according to the circumstances of renewal application.

. WHY Trademark renewal .

Protection of Brand

A Registered Trademark is a priceless asset and should not be given away so easily, it must be protected by proper renewal.

New Market Opportunity

After getting it renewal the Brand owner has opportunity to approach new markets due continuous enhancement of Business Goodwill.

Legal Protection Continues

Due to proper renewal of Trademark its legal protection remain continue so that no one can use slimier brand as yours.

  • Consultation
  • Application Preparation
  • Application Filing
  • Same day Filing
  • Trademark can be renewed every 10 years from the date of the application
  • There is no limit as to the number of times that the trademark can be renewed
  • You may apply before or after expiration
  • Gov. fees varies according to renewal time taken
. Work Process .

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. Frequently Asked Questions .


Well if you forgot to renew your trademark in workload, then no worries you can still hope as you can apply for restoration. Under section 25(4) of the Trademark Act, 1999 you can apply for restoration by submitting an application and paying the prescribed fee. However, this can be only be done within one year of the expiration of the trademark.


After getting the registration in Trademark, your company will be benefited from getting infringed your trademark. The benefits are only being a continuation if the trademark renewed from time to time.


If you forgot to file your trademark renewal, then you can still do the trademark renewal anytime within the period of 6 months after of the expiry of the previous period. Trademark renewal application can be filed with form TM-R with the prescribed renewal late fees.