FCRA Registration

FCRA Registration
in India

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Documents Required For FCRA Registration in India

Documents Required For FCRA Registration in India
Documents Required For FCRA Registration in India

FCRA Registration Process with Legal Piller

Process of FCRA Registration

The below-mentioned entities are qualified to be eligible for FCRA Registration:

  • Registered Section-8 companies
  • Registered Societies
  • Registered Trust
  • An entity shouldn't be disqualified by the FCRA.
  • Received Foreign contributions from abroad should not risk the safety or life of any person or cause any crime.
  • Registered NPO goals should be for charity purposes, promoting health and education, etc.

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Partnership Firm Registration in India

What is FCRA Registration Online?

Welcome to Legal Pillers, with us as your partner, FCRA Registration becomes a strategic advantage in your growth, collaboration, and impact. FCRA Registration shows the donation your NGO has received from abroad. It is important when you receive any foreign contribution grants from any registered trust, social institution, or NGO. This act is regulated by The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 (FCRA Act). We are committed to the success of your organisation and positive change you want to bring about.

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End-to-End Liaisoning

We offer you end-to-end compliance solutions and Liaisoning, so you don't need to go for any other option.


Lower Compliance Cost

However, a big concern for all entrepreneurs is maintenance cost for registration they are holding. So you will be delighted to know that costing of maintaining an LLP is much lower as compared to others.


Quick Funding

After registration, it is not mandatory for you to appoint an Auditor in your LLP as per rules prescribed by government. After reaching certain limit of Turnover have to appoint auditor.


100% Online Process

Our team is committed to providing ongoing support, all accessible through our convenient online platform.

Benefits of FCRA Registration Online


Legal Credibility

It builds trust and credibility among stakeholders, donors, and beneficiaries, growing your organization's reputation.


Access to Funding

It enables your organization to have international partnerships, collaborations, and funding opportunities.


Global Impact

FCRA registration empowers your organisation to make a broader impact by engaging in international initiatives and partnerships.


Long-term Stability

FCRA Registration provides stability and financial security for long-term projects for the betterment of society.


Liasioning Compliance

At Legal Pillers we offer you end-to-end compliance solutions and Liaisoning, so you don't need to go for any other option.


Legal Safeguard

Registration provides certain legal protections to the organization and its members, helping to resolve disputes and conflicts within the organization.

Purposes for which you can receive Donation with FCRA Registration

Following are the major 15 purposes for which you can receive Donations through FCRA Registration:

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15 purposes
Children Welfare
Rural Development
Construction and maintenance of educational institutions.
Estb. of Corpus Fund
Grant of scholarships, assistance in cash, and kindness to poor/needy
Construction/Running of hospital, dispensary & clinic.
Non-formal education Providers/coaching classes
Orphans welfare
Construction/Maintenance of office or other administrative buildings.
Construction/Repair/Maintenance of places of worship.
Construction/Maintenance of hostel for poor students.
Awareness Camp, Seminars Workshops, Meetings & Conference
AIDS Awareness / Treatment and rehabilitation of persons affected by AIDS.
Maintenance of priests/preachers/ other religious programs
Religious schools/education of priests and preachers.

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Applying for FCRA registration can be done through the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) website or through our experts at Legal Pillers, who guide you through the online application process and provide you with CA services.

The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 (FCRA) is a crucial legislation in India that regulates the acceptance and utilisation of foreign contributions by NGOs, associations, and institutions.

FCRA registration is the formal process that allows an organisation to legally accept and utilise foreign contributions. It is a mark of transparency and accountability.

An FCRA account is a designated bank account used exclusively for receiving and utilising foreign contributions in compliance with FCRA regulations.

FCRA renewal registration fees can be paid online through the designated online portal the Ministry of Home Affairs provides.

Renewing FCRA registration involves applying to the Ministry of Home Affairs through the designated online portal. Our team at Legal Pillers can assist you in this process.

No, a canceled FCRA registration cannot be renewed. Ensuring compliance and adhering to FCRA regulations is crucial to avoid cancellation.

The status of FCRA renewal can be checked on the Ministry of Home Affairs website by entering the relevant details. Our experts ensure you provide all the updates regarding your FCA renewal process.

The processing time for FCRA renewal varies, but typically, it can take several weeks. Our team ensures a streamlined process to expedite the renewal.

Yes, FCRA renewal is essential to maintain legal compliance and continue to receive foreign contributions.

The required documents for FCRA registration include details about the organization, its activities, financial statements, and more. Our experts will guide you through the documentation process.

The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 (FCRA) is a legal framework enacted by the Government of India to regulate the acceptance and utilisation of foreign contributions.

Examples of FCRA Act regulations include restrictions on using foreign contributions for certain political purposes, the need for prior permission for specific activities, and maintaining transparent financial records.

'Prior Permission' is a mechanism under FCRA that allows organizations to seek permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs for specific activities outside the purview of regular FCRA registration.

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