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Why People Choose ITR Filing by Legal Pillers

Secure & Reliable

Secure & Reliable

We know the value of your private data so we keep it safe, secure and confidential.

Minimize Stress

Minimize Stress

No follow-ups required, get done your work within timeline provided by Experts.

Maximize Tax Refund

Maximize Tax Refund

We work to provide you benefit and help you in gatting maximum benefits.


Save Time & Effort

No Lenthy forms and data filing required, just share details with us and Relax.

Reduce your Tax Liability

Reduce your Tax Liability by 50%
in Just 5 Minutes.

We know the art of tax Saving which will help you in -.

  • Reducing your Tax Liability
  • Doing Proper Tax Planning
  • Getting Easy and Fast Tax Refund
  • Reducing Tax Trouble
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Pricing Plan

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet you needs.


Basic Plan

  • Salary Income
  • Rent from House Property
  • Bank/FD Interest Income
  • Income upto 5 Lakh
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Premium Plan

  • Salary Income
  • Business Income
  • Capital Gain Income
  • Trading Income
  • Other Income
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Standard Plan

  • Salary Income
  • House Property Income
  • Capital Gain Income
  • Bank Interest Income
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Loan Approvals and Financial Transactions

Banks and financial institutions often require ITR documents when considering loan applications ensuring smooth financial interactions.

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Avoid Inspection

Properly filed ITRs reduce the likelihood of scrutiny from tax authorities. This shields you from unnecessary audits and investigations.

Section 8 Company Registration Online process

Online ITR Filing

Our CA Service is designed to make e-filing easier. Whether you're, an individual or a business entity, our interface guides you through the whole process.

Section 8 Company Registration Tax

Income Tax EFiling

Stay updated with the latest tax regulations. Our platform is up-to-date with the e-filing requirements for the financial year.


Income Tax Return Filing Online in India.

Do you Know? Non-compliance with ITR filing regulations can result in severe penalties and legal consequences. With this properly filed ITRs decrease the chances of being audited or investigated by tax authorities. Hence to protect you from all the hassles we are your reliable online platform for filing your income tax returns in India. Look no further! Legal Pillers is your trusted partner in ensuring a seamless and professional experience for individuals and businesses. Filing your ITR showcases transparency in your financial dealings. This can enhance your credibility and open doors to various financial opportunities. Our platform is dedicated to your specific needs, providing comprehensive services designed to simplify the complex income tax filing process.

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Who must be filing Income Tax Returns?

Acc to laws, income tax is due only to businesses or individuals that fall within specific income brackets. Following are the companies or entities which are required to submit the ITRs in India:

  • Every registered business regardless of any money generated throughout the year.
  • Individuals eligible for claiming tax refund or tax deduction they made.
  • People who earn income through trusts/charities/trusts, and earnings from contributions made by volunteers.
  • People who own financial interests or assets outside India.
  • Foreign firms that receive treaty advantages on transactions made in India.
  • NRIs who earn or accumulate over Rs. 2.5 crore within India in a financial year.
  • Individuals who receive dividends from bonds, mutual funds, fixed deposits, interest, or other sources.


Documents required for Filing an ITR Return in India

To begin filing for ITR you are required to provide the following required documents:

  • PAN Card
  • Your employer provides Form 16
  • Salary slip (necessary)
  • Sale, purchase details
  • Business account details
  • Statement of profit and loss (if any)
  • Contact details
  • Investment proofs
  • Asset purchase/Sale Documents
  • TDS Certificates issued by bank
  • Statement of income from interest
  • Receipts of donations, mutual funds, as well as other types of investment

Benefits of Filing Income Tax Online



Claiming Tax Refunds

By filing your income tax return, you may be eligible for a tax refund if you have paid more tax than your actual liability. This can result in a financial windfall.


Financial Responsibility

A filed income tax return serves as documented proof of your financial stability and responsibility.


Avoidance of Penal Consequences

By filing ITR Returns promptly, you can avoid unnecessary financial burdens.


Facilitates Loan Approval

Banks and financial institutions often require income tax returns as part of their assessment process for granting loans.

Facilitates Loan Approval

Supports Financial Planning

Income tax returns contain a record of your income, investments, and deductions. This information is invaluable for planning your finances effectively in the future.

Supports Financial Planning

Legal Safeguard

Filing your ITR shows your commitment to fulfilling your civic duty and protects you from Legal conflicts.?

Types of ITR Return Forms

Types of ITR Return Forms?

An Income Tax Return (ITR) form provides information about income earned and the taxes paid to the Income Tax Department. It needs to be filed with the tax authorities at the end of every financial year. This is a crucial job because the tax department offers various conditions ranging from ITR 1 to ITR 7. Legal Pillers has clarified them in an easy way for you as mentioned:

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ITR-1 (Sahaj)

ITR-1 is for individuals with income from salaries, one house property, and other sources such as interest income. It's a simplified form for those with straightforward financial situations.



Applicable to individuals and Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) not eligible for ITR-1. It covers income from multiple sources, including more than one house property, capital gains, and foreign income.



Suited for individuals and HUFs with income from business or profession, ITR-3 includes provisions for declaring profits and gains from business or profession.


ITR 4- Sugam

Designed for individuals, HUFs, and firms (other than LLPs) with presumptive income from business or profession, ITR-4 offers a simplified way to report income.




This form is for LLPs (Limited Liability Partnerships), AOPs (Association of Persons), BOIs (Body of Individuals), and artificial juridical persons.




ITR-7 is for persons, including companies, who are required to furnish return under sections 139(4A) or 139(4B) or 139(4C) or 139(4D).




Applicable to companies other than those claiming exemption under section 11 (Income from property held for charitable or religious purposes).


I just love their service. As i had Requested them for Filing ITR . Sneha Ma'am helped me out for the same ! I totally trust this company. And they did real quick !😊

Rohit Adhikary

Loved it.I requested the team to Filing ITR . Sweta Ma'am helped me out for the same ! I totally trust this company. And they did real quick !

Rajeev Katal

Great service from Legal Pillers, All are giving respect and polite, They are helped to submit ITR.

Meena R

Legal Pillars!! the name fully justifies to their work & solid assistance. This has been my second year with them & Sneha along with her team have handled my ITR needs quite aptly. Keep it up Guys !

Viraj Padma

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Find answers to the most popular questions asked to us.


You can still file a Nil Return if you have zero taxable income. Legal Pillers provides a simplified process for filing zero-income tax returns. Our platform guides you through the steps, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Once a return has been filed, it cannot be deleted. However, if you discover an error, you can file a revised return to rectify any mistakes.

a.Login b.Go to 'File Income Tax Return' c.Select the right 'Assessment Year.' d.Select status. e.Select ITR type. f.Choose the reason for filing ITR. g.Add Bank Account Details and Other Information. h.e-Verify ITR.

Legal Pillers offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to file your income tax return online for free. Our intuitive interface ensures a smooth filing experience at no cost.

E-Filing, or electronic filing, is submitting your income tax return online. It has replaced the traditional paper filing method, providing a more convenient and efficient way to file taxes.

The status of the Tax Return can be checked at Legal Pillers provides a feature to track the rate of your filed income tax return. Simply log in to your account, and you can easily monitor the progress of your submission.

Income tax return filing is crucial for several reasons: Legal Compliance: It is a legal obligation mandated by the government. Claiming Refunds: It allows you to claim refunds for excess taxes paid. Financial Documentation: It serves as evidence of your financial status for various purposes. Avoiding Penalties: Timely filing helps in avoiding penalties and legal consequences.

Certain individuals are exempt from filing income tax returns. This includes individuals with an annual income below the taxable threshold, senior citizens (above 60 years) with income from pension and interest, and super senior citizens (above 80 years) with income from pension and welfare.

To file your income tax return online, you'll typically need documents like your PAN card, Form 16, bank statements, and details of investments. Our platform provides a secure space to upload and store these documents.

It may not be mandatory if your income falls below the taxable threshold. However, filing a Nil Return can be beneficial for future financial planning and compliance with legal requirements.

Yes, suppose you discover an error or omission after filing. In that case, you can file a revised return within a specified time frame. Legal Pillers guides you through this process seamlessly.

The processing time for tax refunds can vary. Generally, it takes a few weeks to a few months. Legal Pillers keeps you updated on the status of your refund.

Missing the deadline can lead to penalties and legal consequences. It's crucial to file your return on time. Legal Pillers provides reminders and updates on due dates.

Legal Pillers offers a specialized service for businesses to file income tax returns. Our platform is equipped to handle the complexities of business tax filing.


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