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Online Food Licence Application

We are experienced in food licence registration online. Our user-friendly platform ensures a streamlined process so you can focus on what you do best.

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Access to a Larger Market

FSSAI license registration provides access a wider market, including hotel restaurants chain, and export markets. Many large-scale buyers and export markets require suppliers to be FSSAI compliant.

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Quality Assurance

With FSSAI Registration online you ensure quality, safety, and purity of food products in the market which makes your business reputable.

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Dedicated Online Support

Our team is committed to providing ongoing support, ensuring that you remain in compliance with all relevant regulations, all accessible through our convenient online platform.

What is FSSAI License Registration Online

Welcome to Legal Pillers, where we empower food entrepreneurs to embark on a journey toward compliance, credibility, and consumer trust. In today's dynamic food industry, ensuring the safety and quality of products is most important. This is where the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) steps in. FSSAI is the short form for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is an agency that oversees and supervises the entire food industry in India. It is an independent organization, established in 2006 as a result of the Food Safety and Standards Act. (FSS Act). which is part of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India to ensure Food Standards and Quality. So connect us today and get done  food licence online apply. 

More Details

FSSAI Registration Eligibility

Before going for food licence online apply following points must consider by a FBO:

  • Any FBO with an annual turnover not greater than 12 lakh rupees.
  • Retailers dealing in food products.
  • Anyone who makes or sells their own food items.
  • The temporary standholder conducts food sales.
  • Small-scale industries that deal with food-related business.
  • Anyone who distributes food at any social or religious gathering, except catering.

Documents Required to get FSSAI Registration

The following documents will be needed to be presented in order to get FSSAI Registration:

  • General Documents:
  • Adhaar & PAN Card of Business Owner(s)
  • Detail abouot food business 
  • Photo, ID proof of Business Owner(s)
  • Email Id & Contact No of Business Owner(s)
  • For Office Address
  • Certificate of business Incorporation (COI), i.e., partnership deed, establishment license/ other certificate of business registration.
  • Photo of the Premises
  • List of food items that are produced or processed.

FSSAI Registration Process

Following is FSSAI Registration Process-

Submission of Form

We submit your FSSAI registration online by filling and submitting FSSAI application form, i.e., Form A & Form B.

Submission of Application Form

 We submit your FSSAI application form with required documents. The documents should be uploaded online to the FoSCos portal.

Submission & Approval

When the Department is proven, it will issue an FSSAI registration document with the registration number.

Benefits of FSSAI License Registration Online



Legal Compliance

food licence registration helps in compliance with FSSAI regulations that ensures the business is operating within the legal framework & maintaining all standards prescribed by the authority.

Business Expansion

FSSAI license registration helps in expanding businesses  operations, especially if they plan to supply to large retailers, export their products, or participate in government tenders.

Consumer Trust & Confidence

FSSAI registration online help in building trust and confidence among consumers. That also helps in boosting sales and avoid any legal complications to the business. 

Quality Assurance

FSSAI sets specific standards for food products to ensure their quality, safety, and purity. Registered businesses are required to adhere to these standards, which helps in maintaining the overall quality of food products in the market.

Avoidance of Penalties

Obtaining FSSAI registration helps in avoiding legal issues and ensures smooth operations. Unregistered business may face permanent closure of business along with heavy penalties, sometime could be the jail also. 

Brand Value

FSSAI registration adds credibility to the business and its products. It can be used as a marketing tool for business and enhance brand value. It is powerful registration in term of marketing of your business & products. 


Simple & Easy Pricing.

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Basic Registration

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  • Liasoning Assistance 
  • Renewal update
  • FBO Coach Help
  • FSSAI Certificate
  • CA/CS Support
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State License

  • Application Filing
  • Liasoning Assistance 
  • Renewal update
  • FBO Coach Help
  • FSSAI Certificate
  • CA/CS Support
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Which Food Business Operators require FSSAI Registration?

In India, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) requires various types of food businesses and operators to obtain FSSAI registration or license, depending on their size, nature of operation, and turnover. Here is a list of the businesses and food operators that require FSSAI Registration:

More Details

Food Manufacturers & Processors

This category includes businesses in the manufacturing, processing, and packaging of food products. It includes all industries, from small-scale cottage industries to large-scale industrial units.

Food Distributors and Wholesalers

Businesses engaged in the distribution and wholesale of food products require FSSAI registration to ensure compliance with food safety standards.

Food Retailers


This category includes grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and any other retail outlet selling food products. Even small vendors selling food products require FSSAI registration.

Restaurants & Canteens

All types of food service establishments, such as restaurants, cafes, canteens, food stalls, food delivery services, catering services, etc., need to obtain FSSAI registration.

Food Importers & Exporters

Businesses involved in the import or export of food products must obtain an FSSAI license to ensure compliance with food safety standards during international trade.

Food Storage & Warehousing

Entities engaged in the storage and warehousing of food products require FSSAI registration to ensure proper handling and storage conditions.

Transporters & Food Logistics:

Businesses involved in the transportation of food products, including cold storage facilities, require FSSAI registration to ensure that the food is transported under proper hygenic conditions.

Food Packaging Units

Units engaged in the packaging of food products must obtain FSSAI registration to ensure that packaging materials and processes meet the required standards.

Food Caterers

Catering services, whether operating in events, parties, or institutional catering, need FSSAI registration to ensure that food is prepared and served under hygienic conditions.

Street Food Vendors & Hawkers

Individuals or small businesses selling food items on the street or in public places are required to obtain FSSAI registration to ensure that the food they serve is safe for use.

Online Food Platforms & Aggregators

E-commerce Food Sellers like Swiggy, Zomato, etc. and aggregators that facilitate the sale and delivery of food products are required to ensure that the food sellers on their platforms have valid FSSAI registration.

Cloud Kitchens

Businesses who have opened their cloud kitchen also have to take FSSAI Registration. Government has bind them to take registration for any kind of sale of foof online through aggregators or directly. 

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How Legal Pillers Help in FSSAI License Registration in India?

We are India's most recognized Legal Tech platform. By connecting to our CA/CS/Advocates, you can register your FSSAI License in India.

FSSAI License fees at Legal Pillers are affordable and reasonable. Our Portal offers multiple affordable prices for FSSAI License Registration fees. So  FSSAI Apply Online today and get amazing service by our experts and make your business complaint. 

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Find answers to the most popular questions asked to us.

Applying for a food license online with Legal Pillers is a simple process. Simply visit our website and contact our CA/CS through our expert portal.

Absolutely! Legal Pillers facilitates seamless online applications for food licenses, including in the vibrant city of Kolkata. Our platform is designed to make the process convenient and hassle-free.

The food license registration process online involves filling out the application through our experts, providing the necessary documents, and following our guidance. Our team of experts will assist you at every step to ensure a successful registration.

Verifying your food license online is simple. Visit our website to contact our experts, and you'll receive instant confirmation.

Yes, absolutely. Legal Pillers offers a hassle-free online platform for food license renewal, including in Kolkata. Visit our website, select the renewal option, and follow the provided instructions

After successful renewal, you will get your renewed food license from us at your comfort. We will help you in getting your downloaded Food license online.

Applying for a food license online with Legal Pillers offers convenience, efficiency, and accuracy. It eliminates the need for extensive paperwork and ensures a quicker turnaround time for your license.

Legal Pillers is committed to providing expert guidance and tailored solutions for food license applications, renewals, and registrations. Our team of experienced Chartered Accountants is dedicated to making the process as seamless as possible for our clients.

To be eligible for a State License, the FBO must be able to generate a revenue of 12 lakh and 20 crore & manufacturing facilities with a capacity of 2MT/day dairy units. To be eligible for a Central License, the FBO must be able to generate a revenue of more than Rs. 20 crores. It must also operate in at least two states. All exporters and importers have to apply for the license.

If your license got suspended or cancelled, then as a food business operator you need to stop food business activities immediately either you will be punishable for an unlawful activity under penal actions of FSS Act, 2006.

Legal Pillers sends alerts to FBOs regarding various compliances through email and SMS. FBOs will be able to track the compliances attached with their licenses/registration from time to time and can avoid penalties if any.