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What is GSTIN?

GSTIN is the unique identification number which is issued to the GST taxpayer. By the GSTIN number each taxpayer can easily be identified. GSTIN can be obtained after applying for New GST Registration/ Online GST Registration. It is mentioned under GST Certificate.

An Overview to GST(Goods & service tax)

Inputs are all the goods (Raw materials) that helps the Businesses to produce the output the finished products that are provided to the ultimate Consumer. Now, if talk about the Input Tax credit mechanism is the GST it helps to reduce the tax paid on the input and pay the remaining amount at the time of paying the tax. Firstly, we pay the tax on the purchase of the goods/services from the registered seller having the GSTIN and we sell the goods/services and collect the tax. And with the mechanism of input tax credit we can set off the tax paid on the purchase of the goods/services with the output liability i.e. tax on sales and we only have to pay the output minus input liability as the balance liability of the tax.
Input Tax Credit can be used as under: CGST input tax credits are allowed to be used to pay CGST and IGST. SGST input tax credits are allowed to be used to pay SGST and IGST. IGST input tax credits is only allowed to be used for CGST, SGST, and IGST.

How to do GST Registration online?

For GST Registration online, every business or company must have an annual turnover of more than Rs.40 lakh. In the GST registration online you just have to give details to our expert team. They will ask for documents wherein differs on the basis of LLP, OPC & partnership, etc. The online submission of all the documents and after that in 5-6 days 9subject to governments approval) you will get a GST number. One can get an input tax credit and collect GST from recipients of goods & services. Are you looking for simplified GST registration in India? Then your stop is here at LegalPillers.
We are India's leading portals that offer to simplify the GST Registration process. It's important for all the taxpayers to understand that initial stages of GST registration/New GST Registration are a bit complicated so it's better to take professional help here.

GST registration process

Here is the GST Registration Process which need to be follow by every person or businesses looking for GST Registration Online in India:


Fill the Application Form Online

After the verification of documents, fill the application forms for Registration Under GST. Our professional team will provide you a form wherein you have to fill all the details. Like the Legal Name of the Tax Collector, PAN Number, etc.


Submission of the Documents Online

After completing GST Registration online form you have to submit necessary documents like a copy of the address, ID proof, etc. and upload on the site to Get New GST Registration.


ARN (Application Form Number) Number Generation

When documents are registered you will receive 15 digits ARN code. This will be proof that your registration under GST is confirmed during the GST Registration process.


GST Registration Certificate & GSTIN Number

Upon the confirmation of the GST Registration application, the GST Certificate and GSTIN number will be circulated within 10 days subject to government approval. Here the GST Registration process completed.

By Following above GST Registration Process you can get it done very smoothly and quickly through our portal.

Benefits of GST Registration?

There are various benefits associated with Online Company registration in India.


Simple and Least Compliances

Registration under GST cuts down all the indirect tax into one. Its registration has become user-friendly. The taxpayers have to pay a single indirect tax that is GST. No additional compliance and processing. Simple form completion and submission.


Reduce the Burden of Tax

Online GST Registration helps decrease the tax burden on small scale industries and business by giving a single indirect tax all over India. The GST Registration process is much easier and GST Registration fees is also less.


E-Commerce Business

GST certification has provided a major advantage for the e-commerce website because without a GST registration number no one can start an online E-Commerce business. For example snap deals, Nykaa, club factory Myntra, etc. It must have New GST Registration before starting his business.


Heightening Economy

The decline of the tax burden has shown to enhance the consumption level. As we know that when the price drops down the consumption rises. This is the precise situation where the tax rates have declined and as a result consumption level has risen. This, in turn, will increase productivity and heighten the economy in the long run.

Documents Required for Registration under GST

For Proprietorship
 PAN of the Applicant
 Aadhaar card
 Address proof
 Bank Account statement/Cancelled cheque
 Business description
 Photograph of the Applicant
For Private Limited
 Pan card of the Company
 Aadhaar card of all the Directors
 Proof of business registration or Incorporation certificate
 Bank Account Details
 Address proof of the location of the business/ company
 Digital Signature
 Letter of Authorization/Board Resolution for Authorized Signatory
 ID and Address proof of Promoters/Director with Photographs
 Pan Card of the partnership
 Aadhaar card of all the Partners
 Bank Account Details
 Address proof
 Partnership Deed/ LLP Certificate

Above-mentioned are some documents required for GST registration, which need to collect before applying for Registration under GST. Our Income Tax Consultants will help you in your Registration Under GST. After Registration out Income Tax Consultants will also guide you in GST Return Filing Online. By visiting LegalPillers you will be able to find CA near me.

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Partnership Firm Registration in India

Modes of GST Registration in India

There are 4 kings of GST taxpayers usually pay. Pick the one category which is eligible for you. Our GST consultant will help in choosing the right mode for you.

 CGST (Central Goods and Services tax)

CGST is the tax levied on the Intra State supplies of goods and services. This is governed by the Central Government. Intra-state supply of goods or services takes place when the place of the supplier and place of the buyer is in the same state.

 SGST (State Goods and Services Tax)

SGST is the tax levied on the Intra State supplies of goods and services by the State Government. Hereabouts the tax imposed goes to the state government.

 IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax)

IGST is the tax levied on the inter-state supplies of goods and services. This is administered by the IGST Act. Inter-state supply of goods takes place when the place of the supplier and the place of supply is in various states. In IGST, the seller has to get IGST from the buyer. The tax raised will be shared between the Central and State governments.

Types of GST registration

 Registration under Composition Scheme

The Composition Scheme under GST registration process has been for the small taxpayers for their ease of doing the business. The Registered persons under this scheme only have to pay the Quarterly returns and not the monthly returns and they can also easily maintain their books of accounts by the help of Professionals of LegalPillers which are providing CA Services Online or Income Tax Consultants all over India. Following is the Eligibility Criteria to opt for this scheme: Firstly, should have GSTIN and must be a registered taxpayer Secondly, having the Annual Turnover less than 1.5 crore Last, all the Manufacturers of Goods, Dealers, and Restaurants (Not Serving Alcohol) can opt for this scheme.

 Registration under GST as Casual taxable Person

Registration Under GST as Casual taxable Person denotes Casual taxable person is that who supplies the taxable goods and services occasionally in the taxable territory where he has no fixed place of business. For instance: Mr. Rajesh is having the place of business in Delhi providing the Consultancy services in Noida where he has no place of business. Hence, as per conclusion Mr. Rajesh has to register as a Casual taxable Person in Noida before providing such services.

How Track your GST Registration application

  • Log on to
  • Click on the 'service' option available
  • When you click on the service option, then you will provide a result of 'registration.'
  • Now you have to choose the 'track application status' option
  • After that, you have to enter the ARN and click on Search
  • Now, the result is here you can see your application status and you will get the same on your registered email id and mobile number also.

Who can apply for New GST Registration?

Companies or businesses engaged in the buying and selling and good of services have to apply for a GST Certificate. It is necessary for businesses whose turnover is higher than Rs.20 lakhs for the supply of services and Rs. 40 lakhs for the supply of goods annually to register for a GST. There are various applicants who are eligible to Registration under GST:

  • Individuals who are enrolled under Pre-GST law i.e. Excise, VAT, Service Tax have to apply registration under GST.
  • For goods providers, if your sales turnover is more than rs.40 lakh annually. For states special category the limit is Rs.20 lakh every year they have to take Online GST Registration.
  • If you are a service provider sales turnover is more than Rs. 20 lakh for the state's Special Category, the limit is Rs. 10 lakh in a year.
  • Taxable person & Non-Resident Taxable person (NRI) have to get GST Registration Online.
  • Agents of Suppliers or Input Service Distributor (ISD) plus they get benefits of Input Tax Credit.
  • Vegetable Oil Processing Units as well as Production Units
  • People paying taxes under the Reverse Charge Mechanism.
  • People who supply by e-commerce aggregator
  • The person supplying online data and database access from a place outside India to a person in India.
  • All the E-Commerce Portals & Sellers are basically online stores. For example Amazon, Snap deal, etc.
  • Inter-State supplier of goods i.e. if you are a supplier of goods and service in more than one
Note: The States Special Category under the GST Act are:
 Arunachal Pradesh
 Himachal Pradesh

These states can opt for tax payable at a concessional rate.

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All the business and companies who offers goods and services are eligible to apply for GST registration. The goods service provider must have an annual turnover exceeding Rs.40 lakh and the service provider must have an annual turnover of more than Rs.20 lakh.

For Online GST registration, you can consult Legalpillers experts and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Login to the Legalpillers website.
  • Fill form
  • Make Online Payment.
  • Upload the needed documents.
  • Get ARN.
  • You will get the GST number on your Email id.

Firstly, go to the GST Portal- and under the service tab, choose Services > Registration > New Registration.

The registration charges for GST starts from Rs. 2000/-. For more details login into our website Legalpillers.

The documents required for GST Registration are ID & address proof, PAN Card, DSC, etc. For more details log into our website Legalpillers.

All businesses that successfully enroll under GST are allocated a unique Goods and Services Tax Identification Number also known as GSTIN.

GST registration takes 7-10 working days for the whole process to complete and get the GST number.

Yes, Under the GST government, only one registration is allotted against 1 PAN. Still, businesses, which work in more than one state must have separate GST registration for each state.

ARN means Application Reference Number. It is the final proof of the successful submission of the form to the GST servers. It is generated after the uploading of all important documents.

Yes, a PAN card is needed to apply for GST.

If the income is higher than Rs. 20 lakhs then you require to register under GST for rental properties.

In GST the Tobacco products is charged at the highest category at 28%.

There are 3 types of GST in India Central Goods and Service Tax (CGST), State Goods and Services Tax (SGST), Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST), and Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST). The GST levied by the Centre on the intra-state supply of goods and/services is known as Central GST (CGST) and that to be levied by the states would be known as the State GST (SGST).

Is there any specific time period for GST registration?

  • A Agriculturists
  • A supplier whose aggregate turnover is less than the prescribed limit.
  • Persons covered under the Reverse Charge Mechanism(RCM)
  • Those who are supplying the non-taxable goods and service.
  • Any services provided by the court or tribunal established under the law.
  • Services of crematorium, funeral, burial, mortuary, including transportation of the deceased.

All the exports done by the tax payer are treated as zero-rated supplies. The exporters of goods/services don't need to pay any tax on their export. They have the option to pay the tax first and then claim the refund under the bond.

No, with Legal Pillers all the process is online we made it simple, fast and affordable for you. You just have to submit the documents by creating your account in to the portal of Legal Pillers and submit the documents there.We can get the job done for you, even if you are at the remotest location in India.

GST Registration certificate is granted for the lifetime of the business unless it is canceled, suspended, revoked or surrendered.

GST registration can be easily cancelled once it is taken and it is the complete online process

  • Application for cancellation has to be made in FORM GST REG 16.
  • Some important points must be included in the FORM GST REG 16:
  • Details of inputs, semi-finished, finished goods held in stock on the date on which cancellation of registration is applied, Liability thereon if any, Details of the payment etc.
  • And last, officer has to issue order for cancellation in FORM GST REG-19 within 30 days from date of application.

For downloading of GST Certificate please go to GST portal and login into the panel there you can download GST Certificate.

For Surrender of GST Registration you have to make an application with GST Department, note that all dues or liabilities shall be clear.

For getting GST Registration Certificate you have to make an application with GST department by submitting requisite documents along with other information. For getting proper assistance over GST registration please do call us at 9625279785 or 9267941961.

For checking GST registration status, you must have GST number or login credentials.

For getting GST Registration online you have to make an application through LegalPillers. Our professional will get your GST Registration online done.

For taking Online GST Registration you must have to file an application with the GST department. We are providing registration and other allied services at very reasonable cost. For more details connect us.

GST registration can be canceled in following cases-

  • Voluntary Cancelation: When the tax-payer voluntarily cancels his or her GST registration.
  • Change in the Constitution of Business
  • Discontinuance of business / Closure of business
  • Transfer of business on account of amalgamation, de-merger, sale, leased or otherwise
  • In case of Death of sole proprietor
  • When in the current financial year, the annual turnover will be less than Rs. 40/20 Lakh.

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