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80G and 12A Registration Online

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12A & 80G Registration For NGO

80g Registration online is governed by Section 80G of the Income Tax Act and provides benefits to an NGO's donors, whereas 12a registration online enables an NGO to have its income tax-free. Both the 80G and 12A registrations are only for nonprofits and charity organizations.

Online Apply for 12a and 80g: What it is all About

An NGO can obtain income tax exemption by registering and complying with certain other requirements, but this registration provides no benefit to those who make gifts. Certain parts of the Income Tax Act of 1961 provide tax incentives to "donors." To attract potential contributors, all NGOs should take advantage of these provisions. One of these sections is Section 80G. If an NGO is registered under section 501(c)(3), the individual or organization donating to the NGO will be allowed to deduct 50% of their taxable income. Only if a ngo certificate online is registered under sections 12A and 80g deduction is it eligible for government support.

An 80g registration online can also be applied for by a freshly registered or got ngo certificate online newly. For 80g registration online, the following documents are necessary. In today's fast-paced IT world, a non-website profit is critical, since it provides information about the organization's mission, activities, members, history, location, and social work. For documentation of their social activities, they should keep their balance sheets, annual reports, accounts, records, bills, vouchers, and photographs. This is quite useful, particularly during IB agents' investigations during FCRA Registration or verification by government officials applying for government financing or any corporation officials applying for corporate social responsibility funding. You know the 12a and 80g registration fees are very reasonable and comes with various benefits

What is an 80g Certificate Online?

The Income Tax Department issues 80g certificates online to non-profit organizations under the Income Tax Act of 1961. The 80G Registration grant's primary objective is to attract more people to donate money to charities. Furthermore, the donors are excused from paying 50% of their total taxable income in taxes. To qualify for exemption the donor needs to attach the stamped receipt to the donation given by the NGO. You must understand the 80g registration process and if not able to do so take the assistance of CA and CS Services.

What is 12a registration online?

The 12a registration online is the first step for nonprofits seeking a Certificate of Exemption from the Internal Revenue Service. Companies that are formed under Section 12A are excluded from paying income tax. Additionally, because 12a registration online acts as an official record of your NGO's presence, it supports you in acquiring government and worldwide permission. You must understand the 12a registration process and if not able to do so take the assistance of CA and CS Services.

Eligibility for 12a and 80g Registration

  • This clause applies to NGOs that operate as Public Charitable Trusts or under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, and act solely for the public good.
  • Tax exemption is available for donations made in accordance with Section 80G.
  • Assets held by non-profit organizations should only be utilized for philanthropic purposes.
  • NGOs should keep accurate records of their expenses and receipts.

The Importance of Registrations 12A and 80G

All NGOs like Trust, Society, or Section 8 Company must register under the 12A and 80g deduction Acts. The Income Tax Department will grant a total exemption to a non-profit organization having a 12a registration online. Those that have achieved 80G Certification, on either hand, have the benefit of collecting more cash donations to their business. If you do not obtain such NGO Registrations, you will be subject to ordinary tax rates. Furthermore, finding donors for gifts has become more challenging. So, applying 12a and 80g registration fees is not much help for Ca and get the process done easily.

Benefits for online apply for 12a and 80g

  • Through the tax exemption on NGO income, more capital is available for charitable purposes.
  • Funds and grants from approved agencies, the government, and international sources are permitted.
  • Only 12A and 80G registered NGOs are allowed to accept international money, with exceptions possible under the Foreign Regulation Act of 2010 (FCRA).
  • Attracts new donors, broadening the scope of the NGO's mission.
  • When an NGO registers and achieves 12A and 80G registration, it gains more operational exposure and status worth.
  • Both income tax 12a registration online and 80g deduction are one-time registrations that are valid for the duration of an NGO's existence.


  • Consultation is included in our package.
  • Creating an application for a 12a certificate online.
  • Creating an application for an 80g certificate online.
  • Filing and following up on 12A and 80g deduction applications.

Documents Required for 12a and 80g Registration

The following documents are required to receive an 80g certificate online:

  • NGO's PAN card.
  • Make a 10G form.
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Certificate of Incorporation).
  • If the NGO is registered under Section 8 or Society, the Memorandum of Association is required.
  • If the NGO is a trust, the trust deed is required.
  • Utility bills, such as water bills, electric bills, or house tax receipts, should be copied.
  • If the office is on a rented property, the property owner must provide a NOC (No-Objection Certificate).
  • Make a list with details of the members of the Board of Trustees.
  • Donors' names, PANs, and full addresses are published.
  • The following is a comprehensive list of welfare activities.

The Documents required for 12a certificate online :

  • Form 10A is a type of tax return.
  • Provide financial statements of 3 years. (Recent)
  • The organization's PAN card.
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Certificate of Incorporation).
  • If you choose an NGO as an option of Trust then you require a trust deed.
  • The Company's MOA and AOA

Procedure to online apply for 12a and 80g

80g registration process

The below mentioned are the basic steps to get an 80G Registration Certificate:

  • Step 1: Apply for 80G registration to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service in the organization's jurisdictional region.
  • Step 2: Once you finish completing the application and documents then the application is thoroughly examined by the Income Tax Department.
  • Step 3: If concerned department asked for other documents or information, then need to submit and on the basis of information, they may proceed further.
  • Step 4: If the department is satisfied with the assessment of the papers and information given, the Commissioner will issue an 80G Certification to the company.

12a registration process

The below mentioned are the basic steps to get an 12A Certificate:

  • Step 1:The applicant needs to file Form 10A with the Income Tax Department's Jurisdictional Commissioner following Rule 17A of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Step 2: The Commissioner will review the application and any attachments to ensure that the information supplied is accurate. He will further request the documents if something is leftover or missed by the applicants.
  • Step 3: The Commissioner will issue a 12a certificate online with Registration if he/she is satisfied with the report. Also, there are chances of denying the application if he/she does not deem the application valid.


Following the filing of a revalidation application on or after April 1, 2021, an order awarding the revalidated registration is issued within three months. Sections 12A and 80G revalidated registrations are valid for 5 years, after which they must be revalidated. After five years, a re-application must be submitted at least six months before the registration's validity period expires. After obtaining the revalidation application under 10A, the Principal Commissioner of Income Tax (PCIT) or Commissioner of Income Tax (CIT) shall provide a 16-digit Unique Registration Number (URN) to the applicants and issue orders of approving the application in writing in Form No.10AC. After providing the applicant an opportunity to be heard, the PCIT/CIT may reject the application or, if necessary, request additional papers from the applicant. Form No.10AC also contains the rejection order.

After the initial five years of registration, the applicants must file a renewal application in Form No.10AB. The PCIT/CIT will issue an order of registration, cancellation, or rejection in Form No.10AD after receiving the application in Form No.10AB. The PCIT/CIT has the authority to request additional documents from the applicant to verify the genuineness of the institution's or trust's activities, as well as the institution's or trust's compliance with any other law in effect at the time that is material to the achievement of its objectives.

Renewal Process: Renewal of 80g registration and 12a registration Renewal

If you manage an NGO and hold 12A and 80G certificates, you should know how to renew them. Due to a budget amendment and accompanying CBDT notification no. 19/2021 dated March 26, 2021, referring to the procedure for registering or re-registering 12A /12AA and 80G registrations of trusts/charitable institutions, etc. From April 1, 2021, to June 30, 2021, all registered NGOs u/s 12A /12AA and 80G must apply for renewal of their 12A /12AA and 80G registrations with the Income Tax Department within three months. NGOs that are previously "Licensed" under Section 12A/12AA and/or Section 80G as of April 1, 2021, and all such NGOs seeking "PROVISIONAL REGISTRATIONS" with the Department, need to submit Form-10A online.

It is a single Form for both sorts of registrations applied either Section 12AB and/or Section 80G Registrations, and it has been done away with online filing of form-10A for applying for 80G Registration. According to the change, permission and a new registration certificate or renewal certificate will be issued for five years. All applications filed under the old regulations that are pending before the Principal Commissioner or Commissioner and for which no order has been issued by April 1, 2021, must be resubmitted on Form 10A. So, this is the changes for renewal of 80g registration and 12a registration renewal.

Why choose us?

When the Commissioner receives an application, he or she scrutinizes it and may request more documents or information. The Commissioner may issue a written order registering the Trust/Institution under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act after satisfying an application. The commissioner has the authority to reject an NGO's application if it is unsatisfactory. The payment must be paid in accordance with the law in order to qualify for the deduction. The registration process may take 3 to 4 months. The income tax 12a registration online and ngo certificate online can be received with help of CA Near Me Services.

LegalPIllers provides online ca services and tax consultants in India. We assist customers and businesses to get Registration and license for their business like 12a and 80g registration together or separately. We can get both methods done for you and 12a and 80g registration fees will be inexpensive for our customers(Made that 100% sure). The procedure of income tax 12a registration online and ngo certificate online is made easier and affordable by them. We have helped you with 80g registration online and 12a registration online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are two certificates which are required and NGO and donor to avail tax exemption under NGO.

For getting 12a dn 80g registration, you have to make application with Income Tax Department. After due verification of your documents, they may issue certificates.