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MSME Registration Online

MSME Registration/udyog aadhaar registration

MSME / SSI / Udyog Aadhaar Registration

Startup your ideal small and medium sizes businesses without troubles. MSME Registration which has been changed to udyog aadhaar registration. SSI certificate advantages in getting all the incentives, subsidies, tax exemptions, etc. For your small business if you are looking for loans. Get your get MSME/SSI/Udyog Aadhaar Registration Online soon. Nevermore struggle for finance-related problems again. Including:

  • The complete online process for online udyog aadhaar registration
  • End-to-end compliance solutions in udyog aadhaar registration
  • File application for Registration
  • Get udyog aadhaar registration certificate
  • Expert Guidance on registration

What is MSME /Udyog Aadhaar Registration?

MSME called Micro, small and medium enterprises. According to the changes made in 2020, the udyog aadhaar registration has changed its name Udyam registration. Based on the advice dated 26th June 2020, 'Udyog Aadhaar Registration' has been substituted with 'Udyam Registration' with force from 1st July 2020.

All the businesses willing to demand a new MSME recognition will now have to ask for 'Udyam Registration'.

Companies who already have an 'Udyog Aadhaar Registration' want to reapply for 'Udyam Registration'. The latest date for this is 31st March 2021.

These are usually classified into 2 categories that are Manufacturing Enterprises and Services Enterprise as per the terms on investment. The Government of India has formed the MSME development Act, of 2006 for all the enterprises dealing in production, manufacturing, processing, and storage of goods.

  • Term Investment in plant & machinery - Microenterprise does not exceed Rs.25 lakh
  • Small enterprise more than Rs. 25 lakh but does not exceed Rs. 5 crores
  • Medium enterprise more than Rs.5 crore but does not exceed Rs.10 crore

The MSME Udyog Aadhaar Registration is made compulsory for all the small businesses which are running in India. Just simplify their burden of getting a loan, filing taxes, etc.

What is MSME Registration/Udyog Aadhaar Registration?

The Government of India has introduced various strategies, grants, and incentives to assist MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise) with MSMED action. Not only the country but also the banks are also providing loans to MSMEs with very high-interest rates to start their first business. However, to get these benefits from the central and local government or the banking sector, you will need MSME Registration/ Udyog Aadhaar Registration Online.

The Indian government has required an Aadhar Registration Number following the MSME action. For MSME, the application will be submitted online. It plays a very important role nationwide for small and medium enterprises. It has been observed from separate research that the country's economic growth is not limited to large businesses but also to small business sectors operating in India. It is the backbone of such an agricultural economy.

India has the largest producer of natural resources since the introduction of small-scale industrial development. In 2015, the government changed MSME registration to Udyog Aadhar Registry. LegalPillers aims to simplify the registration process from all small, medium, and medium-sized businesses.

A micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) is immediately named "Udyam". As per the notification declared by the Ministry of MSME on 26 June 2020. The user will need to provide their 12-digit biometric Aadhaar number for the registration procedure. As enterprises, you must relate to CA near you.

Benefits of Online Udyog Aadhaar Registration

  • According to the MSME Department, the current method of online udyog aadhaar registration will be much simpler, seamless, and business-friendly.
  • It will also be helpful to set an example in Business Trends, not only in India but also in other countries as well.
  • It will also reduce transaction costs and entrepreneurs and businesses will be ready to focus on their real work and be more competitive globally.
  • The online udyog aadhaar registration helps to secure government tenders.
  • Thanks to Udyam, bank loans become cheaper as the interest rate is much higher (Upto 1.5% lower than interest on regular loans).
  • There are several tax rebates available to Udyam.
  • It is easy to obtain licenses, approvals, and registrations, regardless of whether the business track as a registered business under Udyam is offered a large selection of government licenses and certificates.
  • They get secure access to credit at low-interest rates.
  • Registered MSMEs receive tax subsidies as well as tax and cash grants.
  • Once you have registered the cost of obtaining a patent has been made or the cost of setting up the industry is reduced as various discounts and permits are available.

Types of MSMEs in India 

  • Microenterprise

    These are private companies with negligible representatives and remote capital. A microenterprise, as a rule, acts with under 10 people and it can begin with a little quantity of capital. The enterprise where the investment in plant and machinery or equipment does not cross Rs. 1 crore and turnover does not exceed Rs. 5 crores will be retained as Micro Enterprise.

    Type of Industries Kind of Investment Investment Amount
    Manufacturing Sector In-plant and machinery Rs. 1 crore
    Service Sector In-plant and machinery Rs. 5 crore
  • Small enterprises

    At times called a self-governing enterprise, a small enterprise is a company that uses few workers and does not have more important sales. In precise terms, it is an autonomously controlled and worker organization that is limited in the evaluation and income relying upon the business. Such efforts are usually self-governing sole proprietorships, companies, or organizations.

    Small enterprises exist in every industry. 10-50 people are included in them. The enterprise where the investment in plant and machinery or equipment does not cross Rs. 10 crores and turnover does not exceed Rs. 50 crores will be recognized as Small Enterprise.

    Type of Industries Kind of Investment Investment Amount
    Manufacturing Sector In-plant and machinery Rs. 10 crore- 50 Crore
    Service Sector In-plant and machinery Rs. 10 crore- 50 Crore
  • Medium enterprises 

    The ventures that have more than 200 people are medium enterprises. They are the ones that more self-governing ventures and efficiently work. As the industry gets more income, it starts keeping aside the capital required for buildings, equipment, and entry of more workers. This serves to create a way among small-scale industries and large-scale industries. The enterprise where the investment in plant and machinery or equipment does not surpass over Rs. 50 crores and turnover does not pass Rs. 250 crores will be taken as Medium Enterprise.

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    Type of Industries Kind of Investment Investment Amount
    Manufacturing Sector In-plant and machinery Rs. 50 Crore - 250 Crore
    Service Sector In-plant and machinery Rs. 50 Crore - 250 Crore

Eligibility Criterion for MSME / SSI Registration/ Udyog Aadhaar Registration?

You can apply for online udyog aadhaar registration if you fulfill one or various of the below-mentioned criteria, such as if -Manufacturing and Service entities coming under given classification can get the msme udyog aadhaar registration.

Manufacturing & production Industry
  • Micro-Enterprise- Investment up to Rs. 1-5 crore
  • Small Enterprise- Investment ranging from Rs.10-Rs.50 Crore
  • Medium Enterprise- Investment ranging from Rs.50- Rs.250 Crore
Service Industry
  • Micro-Enterprise- Investment up to Rs.5 crore
  • Small Enterprise- Investment ranging between Rs.10 - Rs.50 Crore
  • Medium Enterprise- Investment ranging from Rs.50- Rs.250 Crore

All the companies like a sole proprietary, Hindu Undivided Family, Partnership firm, OPC Company, LLP Company, a private limited company can simply apply for SSI Certificate / udyog aadhaar registration certificate. A production company that provides materials and co-operative societies also can apply.

Note: Enterprises in the manufacturing and service industry need not pass the highest limit, therefore will not be held as MSME/ udyog aadhaar registration.

Udyog Aadhaar Registration Certificate Form

  • Tax Advantages: According to your company, you may experience an excise right scheme and exemption from some direct taxes in the first years of your business. DDT has been reduced. The loss of the corporate tax rate has been made by 15%.
  • Simple Clearance of Pending Payments: MSME registration helps you to make easy removal for any pending payment.
  • 50% discount on trademark and Patent Fees: MSME registration makes your direction to check the pricing of trademark and patent registration.
  • Lesser Interest Rates For Bank Overdraft (OD): Banks and other money-related businesses understand MSMEs and have made new schemes for them. This more often than excludes essential segment loaning, that means that the possibility of your company being established credit is high, and lower bank financing costs.
  • Fit for Mudra Loan Scheme: MSME registration advantages you to be available for the Mudra loan scheme.
  • Apply Government Tenders Simply: Subside to the government, taxes, and admission to state-run industrial estates, there is a sales tax exemption in the highest of the states. Not only this but also the central authority offers different schemes from time to time.

What is included in our package?

  • MSME Registration/ udyog aadhaar registration online
  • Guide on MSME
  • GST Registration, if opted
  • Application Preparation
  • Document submission to MSME registrar
  • Get MSME certificate / udyog aadhaar registration certificate

Documents Required for MSME Udyog Aadhaar Registration

For MSME/SSI Certificate or MSME Udyog Aadhaar Registration you have to surely provide these Documents:
  • Business Address Proof, if any
  • PAN Number
  • Copies of Sale Bill and Purchase Bill
  • Partnership Deed/ MoA and AoA
  • Bank account number
  • Basic business activity
  • NIC 2-digit code
  • Investment details (Plant/equipment details)
  • Partnership deed
  • Sales and purchase bill copies
  • Copies of licenses & bills of machinery purchased

List of details filled in MSME/SSI Application Form

List of the msme udyog aadhaar registration forms you must fill:
  • Aadhaar number
  • Name of Entrepreneur as per Aadhaar card
  • Social category (General, OBC, SC/ST)
  • Gender
  • Physically Handicapped
  • Name of Enterprise
  • NIC 2-digit code
  • Type of Companies or Organization (Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, Private Company, Public Limited Company, LLP Company, Cooperative Society, HUF, Self-Help Group, Society or Trust)
  • PAN Card
  • Location/Address of Plant
  • Country, State, District, City, Tehsil, PIN Code
  • Office Address
  • Mobile Number, Email ID
  • Date of Commencement of Business
  • Bank account number and IFSC code
  • Business Activity of Enterprise
  • NIC 2 Digit Code – Pick a primary activity
  • The extra detail of the enterprise
  • Employees Number
  • Investment Amount in Plant and Machinery

How to Register MSME/SSI Online Process?

  • Complete the MSME form 

    MSMEs are required to fill in all the information and submit the requested documents. Our experts will ask for some documents which are stated above which you have to compile. Enterprises in the manufacturing sector must have less than Rs. 10 crores of investment in plant and machinery and Rs. 50 crores for enterprises in the service sector.

  • Preparation of Documents 

    Their experts will guide you in drafting the udyog aadhaar registration application and arrange documents for enrolling online udyog aadhaar registration as per the requested details. The procedure needs a few hours to continue to the next level.

  • Filling MSME / udyog aadhaar registration Application

    Post the documents are compiled and submitted to the MSME registrar by our experts with the submitted documents. You have to wait 1 working day for verification of your udyog aadhaar registration application. Pay the udyog aadhaar registration fees and you will get approval soon.

  • Application Approval and udyog aadhaar registration

    Once your MSME application is accepted by designated government officials, your company gets registered and associated documents shall be sent to you. And you will successfully get an udyog aadhaar registration certificate in a few days.

  • Issuance of MSME Certificate/ udyog aadhaar registration certificate

    When you are done with complete udyog aadhar registration successfully. You will get an SSI certificate/ udyog aadhaar registration certificate within 2-3 working days.

MSME schemes launched by the Government are

  • Udyog Aadhaar registration

    The Aadhaar card is a 12-digit number assigned to the public by the legislature. In this case, the Aadhaar card is important information for each person or his business. The option to get involved in this program is an easy way to get credit, development, and administrative distribution. Registration must be in both online and offline mode.udyog aadhaar registration is nothing but a government registration certificate issued with a certificate of authenticity and a unique number to certify small/medium enterprises or businesses.

  • Zero Defect Zero Effect

    In this guide, goods manufactured for export should adhere to a certain level so that they are not banned or shipped back to India. To this end, the government introduced the program. In this case, if the goods are exported, they are eligible for additional discounts and permits.

  • Quality Control and Quality technology tools

    Enrollment in this program will help small, medium, and micro enterprises to learn and achieve the standards that are expected to be maintained as well as new technologies. In this scheme, activities are aimed at encouraging businesses with the latest technology available through seminars, campaigns, activities, etc.

  • Complaints Monitoring System

    Subscribing to this program helps in the process of obtaining a dispute between business owners. In this case, business owners can look into the status of their grievances and open up if they are unhappy with the outcome.

  • Internal installation

    This program assists developers in the implementation of their unique designs, ideas, or products. Below this, from 75% -80% of project costs can be funded by the government. This scheme supports new ideas, designs, products, etc.

  • Combined Credit Fund Scheme

    In this scheme, the latest technology is provided to business owners to use their old and outdated technology. Funding is provided to the business to grow and provide better facilities for doing their business. These small, medium and micro-enterprises can deal directly with banks with these subsidies.

  • Business Women

    This program is primarily for women who want to start their own businesses. The government provides large sums of money, counseling, training, and delivery programs for these women so that they can do their business and grow it.

 New updates on - How msme udyog aadhaar registration and benefits in MSME DATA BANK?

MSME Data Bank is the heading business database in India that is a mandatory registration for all the MSME registered units. This database is designed and made for the scope of public acquisition policy by the Government in which 20% of the obtainment for Government projects must be done mandatorily from the MSME units. According to the MSMED Rules, 2016 proffering your business information in MSME Databank is important and for availing your business.

Building a complete live digital databank of MSME online with the purpose to support MSME to compete in the procurement process under the public procurement policy of the government of India. The people having an Udyog Adhaar registration certificate can simply apply for MSME databank registration.

  • From Banks, you will get discounts on the rate of interest.
  • From every bank, you will get 100% Collateral Free loans.
  • At the international Trade fair, there is a specific consideration.
  • In Government Departments and tenders there is a place in security deposits.
  • Credit ratings and National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) Performance.
  • 1% is levied on the rate of interest on overdrafts.
  • In Electricity bills, there is a vast authorization.
  • The Bar Code Registration Subsidy.
  • For patent registration, there is a 50% Subsidy.
  • Repaying of ISO Certification

How Can LegalPillers help?

We are India's leading online business services platform committed to helping people quickly rise and expand their business small micro and medium business in India. That too at an affordable cost. We are a technology-driven online portal. Trying to create the legal services industry in India.

Our purpose is to give one-click access to individuals & businesses for all their legal & professional requirements. Our CA Services are professional plus simplify all your website registrations.

  • No hidden charges.
  • Client satisfaction is our priority.
  • End to end assistance.
  • MSME Certification/ udyog aadhaar registration timely
  • Guidance on GST registration ( if goods business or company)

In 10 – 15 days' time LegalPillers takes for online udyog aadhaar registration. Also, if you find affordable costing in registration then legapillers udyog aadhaar registration fees are much affordable than others.


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