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Online Company Registration in Delhi

In Simplest & Fastest Way with Legal Pillers

  • Name Approval of Company
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  • Current Account Opening - Free
  • GST & MSME Registration - Free
  • Copy of Spice+ Form - Free
  • Trademark Consultation - Free
  • Share Certificates - Free
  • Fully Automated process Free
  • Meetings with CA/CS/Lawyers - Free
  • Lifetime Call Support - Free
  • Upto 50% Discount on all other Services
  • Unlimited Company Name Search - Free
  • 0 Capital Requirement for Setting up - Free
  • 1 Year Corporate Secretary Services - Free
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About Online Company Registration / Incorporation or Startup Registration

Choosing the right structure of Online company Incorporation in Delhi for your business is crucially important. Right type of company Incorporation will help you operate your business effectively and cost efficiently. Company Incorporation in Delhi can be done w.r.t non profit, for profit, micro and medium business. Company Incorporation in India is carried out as per the requirement of business model. There are numerous laws in India which govern these types of registration and entities. All these company registration are differing from each others and have differ requirements for the purpose of Startup Registration.

Not only the registration of a business is compulsory, but also there are various kind of liceses are required to get start your business, if applicable. The owner of a business must understand the need as well as the process of online company formation or company incorporation. Company Registration Delhi is now easy to form in delhi with Legal Pillers.

What is Online Company Registration or Company Incorporation or Startup Registration?

Company Incorporation involves the legal process used to register a company. Once Company Formation Process gets completed, it comes into existence and become an seperate legal entity from its owners. Company Registration delhi makes you enjoy the benefit of Perpetual Existence, Limited Liability as well as transferability of shares. Company Registration helps you get a common seal as an official signature which can be used on its every document which is optional though. So, in order to get all these benefits you've to register your company online.

How LegalPillers helps in Company Registration in Delhi?

We at LegalPillers helps the business right from the scratch. By delivering services from How to choose the name of the company wisely, How to get certificate of Incorporation, How to register a company etc. LegalPillers is known to be India's leading online company registration firm. Our well versed professionals including Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, and Advocates will guide you through every step regarding Online Company Incorporation, New Company Formation, Firm Registration or Startup Registration. You can get your services customized as per your requirements. We are here to assist you in our best possible way.

What is the Company Registration Process or Firm Registration process in Delhi?

The e-governance programme of the Ministry of Corporate of Affairs i.e., MCA-21 has simplifeid the process of Business Registration in delhi, New Company Registration, Firm Registration or Startup Registration.

Steps that need to be taken for Online Company Registration are given below:

  • Obtain Digital Singnature Certificates
  • Obtain Director Identification Numbers
  • Role Check or Verfication
  • Select and get the approval of the proposed company name
  • File Form No. INC-32 (SPICE+) along with the necessary documents
  • Scrutiny of Documents from the Registrar
  • Receipt of Certificate of Incorporation

What kind of Documents required for Online Company Registration in Delhi ?

For online Company Formation in Delhi following documents are required-

  • Copy of PAN Card of directors
  • Copy of Adhaar Card of directors
  • Updated Bank Statement of Directors
  • Electricity bill of office
  • NOC or rental agreement of office or ownership proof
  • Photograph of directors
  • Email id and contact number of directors)
  • Other information as required

By providing these documents you can done your Business Registration in Delhi.

How to select name of company?

Selecting a name for new company Formation in Delhi is easy as compared to registring it with Minsitry of Corporate Affairs. There is a provision called RUN (Reserve Unique Name) according to which the name of a company should be unique in nature and shall not similar or too nearly resemble to existing company. Also there shall not be any trademark register with the proposed name of the company. So selection of a name for company registration is crucial and at LegalPillers we will guide you step by step for the same.

How LegalPillers is providing CA Services?

LegalPillers is India's most recognized Legal Tech platform which are providing numerous CA services through its online platforms not only in Delhi but also across the globe. By using the LegalPillers platform you can get all CA Services like GST Returns, Income tax return, ROC compliances of LLP and Pvt Ltd Company, and so on. at your door step. For getting the Online CA Services you don't need to visit physically at any our offices. You have to just consult our Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary and advocates by call and submit the documents online, make payment and get your work done at the earliest.

Steps Involved in Company Registration process or Company Incorporation


Step 1

At first we will apply at MCA To get the name confirmation of your new company. After getting the approval we will conduct due diligence whether name is unique and not similar to any other existing company Formation in Delhi.


Step 2

We have to apply for Digital Signature Certificate of directors. For DSC creation various government authorized certifying authorities are there such as emudra, Capricorn, v sign etc, which are providing digital signature certificate.


Step 3

Preparation of multiple documents declaring all the information about proposed Company Registration in Delhi along with directors involved company and their interest.


Step 4

After preparing the documents we will proceed further with new Company registration application such as Spice or Fillip and certification by CA/CS/CWA.


Step 5

Thereafter we have to submit the application on mca portal along with other attachments and make requisite fees for new company registration.


Step 6

After submission of New Company Formation application government will verify it and will provide you COI, PAN, TAN, MOA, AOA, DIN. Congrats here you have done with the company registration process.

After all these steps you get done your Company Registration in Delhi online finally.

Which one should I opt - Startup Registration or Company Incorporation?

Startup Registration is the another name of Company Formation or Company Incorporation. Startup Registration is a type of a Business Registration where you have to decide what kind of company you want to registred.

There are different kinds of Company Formation which are given below:

Every type of Company has their own merits and demerits. You've to make your own decision considering the factors like how much capital do you have, what kind of liablity you want in your business, whether you want to be the only decision taking authority in your business etc. These parameters will help you to decide what kind of compnay formation in India is beneficial for your business. If you are willing to go for Company Registration in Delhi Online, we offer some discounts as well on running basis.

Legal Pillers

Getting Your Business start is crucial as you have to go through various things. We at Legal Pillers help startups on various points. A dedicated section we developed for Company Registration in Delhi for your ease.

Follow us for stay updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, an NRI can hold directorship in Company registered in India or he can form a new Company registration as well.

No, there is no physical presence is required at the time of the company incorporation process in India. You just need to provide all the documents online and new company formation in Delhi will also be done thorugh an online portal.

Pvt Ltd. Registration or OPC or LLP or Firm registration requires only 7-8 days for getting it registered, however the timeframe may be increase or decrease according to the response time of the Governmnet also.

No, LegalPillers is providing a complete pacakage for Company incorporation in Delhi.

There are no hidden charges for the company formation process.

No, there is no lower limit required to open a private limited comapny.

No, there is no ceiling limit required for bank operation of comapny incorporation in Delhi.

New Company Formation is quite easy now. You have to identify which type of comapny registration you want and then go for it. If you have confusion that which kind of registration will be suitable for your business then ask us becuase that is why we are here for.

For the application of Pvt Ltd Company just connect to LegalPillers and get your company with free services including in the pacakage.

For registration of a company in India you need to register Private Limited Company, OPC or LLP or another type of company as required with the Ministry of corporate affairs.

For Company Formation following documents are required-

  • PAN and Aadhaar card and Bank Statements of Directors
  • Electricity bill of office
  • NOC or rental agreement of office
  • Other information as required

Fees for company Formation varies according to state. Fees are different in each state, however, LegalPillers is providing company registration in Delhi at a low cost.

A private Limited company cost is similar in each state except Punjab, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh.

For registering a private limited company at least 2 persons are required who will be a director in the company.

Registration of a new company is now easy in India, just ready with PAN Card copy, Adhaar Card copy, updated Bank statement of directors and Electricity bill of office along with NOC or rental agreement. The rest of work will do LegalPillers on your behalf.

To start a Private Limited company at least 2 persons are required, but in case One Person Company there is one person required only.

To register a startup u have to select any one company registration type mentioned above.

Cost is similar in each state except Punjab, Kerala & Madhya Pradesh.

To check companies existence you need to verify at "check company master data" section act "MCA Services"